Monday, January 19, 2009

They cometh bearing gifts

The in-laws that is.

I think my kids think that every time they come, they get toys.

Which is true. They do. They love it and so do I.

So Mike and Lila (Lonnie's parents) are here for a few days visiting us on their way home from Minnesota (visiting their daughter Kim and hubby Dirk) They said the low up there was -50!! I guess our -39 doesn't even did however crack our living room window, bummer. We'll figure that one out later when it's warmer. Anyhoo, the boys are in heaven with new loot and tons of attention. We're going to hit the Sleep Inn hotel pool tonight, so if you drive by and see a white streak in the window...that's me baby. Feel free to shield your eyes.

They also came bearing chocolate. Can I get an Amen. My thighs will hate them later, but I will savor the decadence now.

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