Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This is what happens when we're let out of the house...

It was a dark and snow stormy night...

Um, yes...that is, "The Big Book of Breasts" we're looking at....strategically placed I might add.
Okay, back to my story....
It was a dark and snow stormy night, the winds howled as the snow plows rived their engines in anticipation of the blizzard. The impending doom of snow didn't stop these three cooped up mommies. No, they risked life and limb to immerse themselves in strange books and drink tasty overpriced hot beverages. No one could stop them from having adult conversation (mostly about their children and their bowels, but adult none the less) and enjoying this precious time out of their houses. They concluded that this event needs to happen......a lot more. This, my friends, is what happens when you let moms with intense cabin fever out of the house. We start looking at books with large boobies in them.....weird, I know. We were convinced we were going to get kicked out of Barnes and Noble, which actually would have made a great story.
Well, hello Clint (Diane) and uh, Clint (Chelsey)....Crazy women.
So we decided that Brody no longer needed his high chair, however I did enjoy the whole containment aspect of it. He wanted to be like big brother and sit...or stand, at (and sometimes on) the dining room table. This is what I see when I look across the table at him (he's sitting) Makes me giggle. Perfect height for shoveling food right in the hatch.
...or totally sneaking chicken nuggets to the dog....little punk.
This is what we woke up to this morning. Another 10 inches of snow (that makes about 2 feet on the ground) See our mailbox? It's barely sticking out of the snow! I spent an hour clearing a spot for Mister Lisbon Mailman to make it safely to our mailbox....approximately 10 feet on each side according to the postal service guidelines. Did it all by hand...with a shovel...take that snow blower dudes. Got me a good workout too.

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