Sunday, January 11, 2009

This kid cracks me up

Brody man, our mini entertainer. Makes me giggle, makes me laugh but mostly makes me wonder what he's up to. This age has it's frustrations but I love seeing him in action and seeing his face light up when he discovers something new. Like today when he realized that he could flush things DOWN the toilet, so he stood there putting little chunks of toilet paper down, flushing and waving "Buh bye!" I found a towel, cup and bath toy in the toilet upstairs. Those toilet locks that I laughed at are becoming more of a reality.

He insisted on swinging while we were outside enjoying the 10 inches of snow we received on Friday. One happy camper, he loves that thing.

Tough an eighties snowsuit. It looks like he should be standing by a big buck holding a shot gun and grunting.

Safety first.
ooooohhhhhhhhhh, look at this sparkly white stuff!

Okay, too close.

It took me twenty minutes just to get that thing on!

BUGGY! Trying to find bugs in the snow....good luck with that.
He is feeling better, still a little wheezy today, but tomorrow is another day. Our last day of steroids and then a possible Dr visit if he's still coughing (fingers and legs crossed that we don't!) Baylor is coming down with his cold and it goes to his ears instead of his chest. He still has one tube left, so hopefully is will continue to work. Thanks for all of the prayers and calls today, you guys are awesome and we are blessed to have such loving and caring people in our lives.

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