Monday, January 12, 2009

Yoooooou can duuuuuuuu it

So I got a few comments about the ab workout and I want to give you all a motivation speech or some sort even if you didn't ask for it. First I will answer a few ?'s

1. Yes, the scary dude with the ab ball is floating.....freaky isn't it? You too can float while doing abs, just drink 18 cups of coffee beforehand.

2. How do I find time? Time? What is that? I try not to make excuses for not having time for things I love (not that inflicting painful exercises on my body is my idea of a good time) BUT, I find time. I don't do these every day, just every other day. I also do them in while the boys watch Sesame Street, I do the first five. Then when they nap or are contently playing (which by the way, is getting SOOOO much better!) I do the final five. I am however, the queen of multitasking, so keep that in's a gift...a gift that makes me crazy and somewhat anal.

Okay time to motivate.....ummm, errr...huh, I got nothing spectacular, but I know you can do it and I know you will find time if you truly want to. No pressure, just a fun challenge. There is hope for the front butt!

So yesterday I helped my husband coach a track and field clinic for high school kids. I was in charge of the hurdlers, but it's been five years since I've hurdled. He had faith in me, as I was a little nervous with the drills. All went well, I even demonstrated...and now I am paying severely for it.
No joke. Yes, I've been running and working out...but not hurdling! Yikes. I needed serious help to get out of bed this morning. Oh yeah, I remember those muscles....the memories of the first week of track or soccer practice came flooding back. It's a good sore though and everyone loves a good sore. Anyways, I'm totally excited to coach the next two Sundays. Still working on the logistics of training for a triathlon in the spring/summer.

Did I mention we're having a blizzard right now? Yippee.


Janice said...

I was able to copy and paste all of these, so now I have to make myself try it. That will be the hard part, I know someone who LOVES exercise cant understand that it is not an obsession for me (obviously) Thanx for posting them! Now to make myself do something for me...EEKS!!!!!

Andrea G. said...

l would just like to say that I HATE the side thing... I am not that good, but working on it! I tried copying and pasting, but the pictures didn't paste and I need those right now so I just had the laptop handy! Thanks! Also, do you do 3 reps of each exercise and then go on to the next or do all of them and repeat three times?

Keri Speidel said...

You guys rock by the way.

I usually go through all of the sit ups and then start over and do them one more time. I need photos too, I'm a visual learner. Good luck!!

Janice said...

i was only able to copy the pics by right clicking on the picture, the highlighting the picture wouldnt work. Hope that may help those who have to see pics too, I am right with you on that!!!