Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Cook

I totally wish that was my nickname....but I think mine is more like Super Freak.

So I was listening to the radio this morning driving two coughing kids to get mom coffee and get them cookies for breakfast (yes, with it) because I was going crazy. (They did awesome by the way) Oh yes, where was I....listening to the radio and heard the DJ talk about this website where you put in the ingredients that you have in your house and it comes up with recipes. Brilliant. Thank you for the emails and comments about recipes, I want to try a few of them out this week. When you have three very picky eaters (that all happen to be of the male gender) making a meal that people will eat is not always easy. I'd be perfectly fine eating a bowl of oatmeal for dinner every night. I consider myself a good cook and a better baker, but my mind goes blank most days when it comes to dinner.

Here it is:

I also use excel spreadsheet when I write down my grocery list. It depends on where I will be getting my groceries that week. If it's Aldi's (which is most of the time) then I don't worry about the details, but if it's Wal-Mart then I try to divide up the list how the store is laid out. This way I save myself from running back and forth when I forget something and being persuaded to buy impulsive things. I also separate by food and non-food items such as toilet paper and shampoo. After I have my list of groceries, I have another column for the meals just in case I forget why the heck I'm buying oriental noodles and flank steak. I then add one more column for the coupons that I have and color code/match them with the items that I NEED on my list. I'm getting better at coupons, but sometimes I find that I buy things I don't really need simply because I have a coupon. Another tip I have is to write out your meals for the week, including breakfast and lunch. This way you can set meat out ahead of time if it needs to thaw or have your husband run to the store on his way home from work if you forgot ketchup. I had this sweet list of meals that my friend and I sat down one day and came up with, there were about 150 meals on it, but I lost it when my computer died. I also use these sites a lot: (if you're feeling adventurous)

But far too often, I don't have or can't pronounce half of the ingredients in the recipes.
So maybe this will help some of you the next time you sit down to grocery shop or plan your meals. In the words of Kim, "when in doubt, I make a pizza." Amen. You can never go wrong with frozen pizza (I'm fairly certain hers is homemade though!)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thankful Heart

It's amazing what we learn from the little people in our lives. Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. (from Veggie'd be amazed at what vegetables can teach you!)

Tonight Baylor (who is sick with the nasty respiratory crud going around) came up to me about four times and told me how thankful he was for his new castle. He also told me that he had a thankful heart. Oh, it did my heart good to hear him speak those words. We've really been working on the heart issues of discipline. We're struggling with the whole repentance and forgiveness, but this will come with time. I struggle with it too from time to time, and he's only three and a half. I have been trying so hard to be consistent and calmly talk to Baylor after he does something naughty so I can try to teach him something from the punishment. What a great time to teach, when they are most vulnerable. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that though far from perfect, I can see a little glimmer of breakthrough! Sometimes it's hard to swallow and digest all of the helpful tips, biblical knowledge and different suggestions you may receive. I often get so down because I feel like I'm not doing everything I should be, but he has proved me wrong. So I say this to you moms (and dads) YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB!!! Keep it up, be consistent and work on their hearts because it speaks volumes on their behavior.

So I want to end with ten things that I am thankful for just for Baylor!

1. My family of course
2. The blessings that seem little but are really huge and make my day
3. The chocolate cake with chocolate ganache glaze I just made in the kitchen
4. Running shoes (I say that after the cake!)
5. A husband that works so hard so that I can stay home with my children
6. All of my wonderful friends that I continue to learn more about each day
7. Silicone spatulas...they rock, seriously.
8. Both the uncertain fear and anticipatory excitement from not knowing the future
9. Big big tubs of cheese balls
10. Spell check....because I suck at it.

I need some help

Here's your mission. I need two weeks worth of healthy (or not), kid friendly and budget friendly meals. My mind is a blank. So help me out, give me your favorite dinner recipes! Thanks in advance!! (Just post them in the comment section) I'll even welcome desserts :)

The reason being I usually plan two weeks of meals and then all the groceries that accompany them. This way I don't buy things I don't need and I can use the produce right away because it spoils.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Caught with his pants down....

Okay, so maybe this wasn't the best post title but it illustrates the subject of this video quite nicely. I promise I'm not describing inappropriate acts, just hilarious ones. Now who doesn't love to scurry around the house with dropped drawers? C'mon, I know this is #42 on your bucket through house with pants down....check! Clearly Brody finds this strange behavior quite entertaining and so do I. Man, I can't wait to show his future wife these videos or play them on his wedding day.

And then we have the, "show me your muscles" video. Pay close attention to the shaking and convulsing. This kid is a hoot.

It is a rainy day today. I heard thunder when I was taking my bubble, yes in the middle of the day thank you. I got a new magazine and decided it was hot bubble bath time. I'm weird like that. I love thunderstorms, they rank right up there with the smell of wet cement, chocolate ganache, white wine and of course bubble baths. I'm hoping this sudden downpour will miraculously vanish all of the doggie bombs in the back yard as well as clean the streets from sand and salt. When we went outside yesterday (which was amazing) no one was safe....we all ended up with dog poo on the shoes. I think Brody might have sat in it too....he's a smelly kid so one can never tell.

I got a surprise in the mail from Bri, my sister-in-law. She hand knitted my mom and I these sweet scarves. She is so thoughtful and very generous. Baylor also got his surprise in the mail today. We have a stay in bed chart for him so when he stays in bed all night he gets a sticker and when he gets 10 stickers he gets to choose a small toy. His chart is almost full (about 50 nights of staying in bed!) so he gets a bigger toy. Lonnie and I had fun bidding on this sweet Fisher Price castle complete with knights and eBay. We told him that he had a surprise coming in the mail (which wasn't the smartest thing to do since he sat by the window for the last two days waiting for the mailman) It finally came today. I think Lonnie and I were more excited that Baylor. It's great and both boys have enjoyed playing with it this afternoon. I was more surprised that Lonnie let us get it because he is the hater of all things large and plastic. He hates big plastic toys...and or course the boys love them. Speaking of Lonnie...he's away for the weekend at the Conference track I will be alone until Saturday night. Ugh, leaving me with two boys who have mysterious coughs. I pray for sleep. Thus the life of a coaches wife.

I have to give a shout out to Shannon and Handy Man Darryl who hauled our garbage away yesterday and put it in their big ole dumpster for free! It totally made our week. See how little things like that make for HUGE blessings!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I've always thought of myself as a little wacky from time to time and I do believe I was even called it once or twice. Why not celebrate the wacky Wednesday by making a list of some of my strange behaviors.

I find something very therapeutic about cleaning out the dryer vent.

I prefer drinking my vegetables rather than eating them.

I hate having my food touch (unless it's food that goes well together like potatoes and meat)

I think shoes are totally overrated, cute...yes, but seriously who looks at your shoes? I'd rather wear my sandals or running shoes...all the time. I haven't bought a new pair shoes (minus flip flops and running shoes) in over three years.

When I sleep alone in bed, I totally destroy the sheets...they end up on the floor and strewn about, but never on me. I think I must fight battles or run in my sleep.

Drains freak me out. I refuse to swim near or over the swimming pool drain. I sit at the back of the bathtub and refuse to touch them.

I have a bad habit of starting beverages, leaving them all over the house and then never finishing them.

I love the smell of wet cement and dryer sheets.

Alright. That's all I got. Hope you enjoyed this moment of transparency and still want to be friends (or read this blog) now that you know I'm weird.

The weather is amazing today, I'm having iced coffee instead of my usual hot coffee in the afternoon. We walked over to our friends house to play and eat lunch (grilled peanut butter..mmmm) I was totally amazed at all of the children, how well they played together, how well behaved they was like night and day. The other mom and I got to actually sit and talk while everyone just played. I think these kids are growing up! It could be the fact that I have all boys and she has all girls and they are starting to be interested in playing different things, but either way I like it. I am very much looking forward to more walks and just getting to go outside to play. I am not however, looking forward to mud in my house. I love getting dirty, but I hate cleaning mud off floors, walls, clothes, etc. I would take mud over snow any day though. I even started planning my garden, but will need some extra help since I am the proud owner of a black thumb! I'm going to do tomatoes, onions, potatoes, spinach (maybe) cilantro and some other herbs. I might try some flowers that are high sun (know any?) for the west side of the house that gets tons of sun all day. I can't do squash of any form since we have an infestation of squash bugs that eat everything within 10 hours of their arrival. I also got the project bug. This time of year, when I can't quite get outside, I start itching to do art projects or other home hand work projects that usually require me to paint or sand outside....since we don't have a garage, I'll have to settle with the front porch until it warms up. The front porch is actually one of my projects so I can start scraping the old ugly green paint off the inside and get it ready for a fresh coat come spring. Oh, I can't wait for Spring!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If God wore Pull-ups

He definitely wouldn't poop in them.

Baylorism of the week.

Me: Baylor, can you please go let the dogs in?

Baylor: Sure! (runs to let the dogs in...long pause)

Baylor: I let the dogs in...and I talked to God.

Me: Really? What did you talk about?

Baylor: Well, I told him not to poop in his pull up. Does God wear Pull-ups?

Me: Nope, and if he did...he wouldn't poop in them!

(Can you tell what we're having issues with lately?)


Brody had his belated 18 month check up today. He's right at or a little below the 50th percentile for everything. He weighs 25 lbs and is 32'' tall...or should I say short. He got two shots and doesn't come back until his 2 year check up...holy cow! My baby will be two? Where does the time go. The doctor asked, "are you or anyone in the family having difficulty dealing with this child?" (he has to ask this) I don't think he wanted to hear my real answer, I just said no. (Does the word DESTROYER mean anything to you? It's like Goodnight Moon, Hello Martini at bedtime!) I restrained myself, but I think he could tell by the expression on my face how I felt. I just told him I couldn't wait until spring. I really like our doctor, he has two boys of his own and is no nonsense. He tells it like it is and is great with the boys.

I'm going to start training for a triathlon (sprint) that's at the end of the summer. It will be rough starting out since it's still cold and the whole not having a bike or a body of water to swim in....but I will make it work. I'm not going to stress over it, but just have fun and focus more on the running since that's what I do best. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, February 23, 2009

NOTHING is safe

I feel like I should start this post with a blup from a horror movie or scene from a scary book, and then cue the frightful music....

NOTHING is safe. (muha ha ha ha ha) It was a dark and stormy night, rain pounded against the window and the wind howled violently outside. A chill ran up my spine as I slowly opened the door and saw......
My son. Kind of reminds me of Taz...not the whole tongue sticking out of his mouth, but more the destroying a room like a veracious tornado. ( I don't really know what the word veracious means, but it sure does sound frightful doesn't it?)

Yes. This cute little guy. Like I said before. NOTHING, and when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING is safe from his sticky little fingers! I wanted to keep tally of all the things he has either a.) shattered, broken or ripped b.) Shoved into small spaces where they don't belong or c.) all of the destructive above, but I would lose track at some point. He climbs, he runs, he stuffs, he breaks, he puts lipstick on, he knocks over, dumps out and tries to get his hands on anything and everything. I know this is the, "age of discovery" and some mothers are enamored by their children's curiosity. Ummmm, no. If you think unwrapping seven boxes of soap, putting two in the toilet and the rest in the bathtub is cute? You're nuts. Yes, I love to let my kids explore and be curious on their own, I think it's very important to their character as well as a great learning tool. How else will they ever learn if you (yes you) never let them find out for themselves. I am not a helicopter mom (you know, likes to hover) but I do draw the line of enchanting curiosity somewhere. This kid is out of control. I can't contain him, he broke the baby gate!

I took this photo yesterday and thought it was pretty stinkin awesome. It was a leaf stuck in the snow and the wind kept spinning it around to create this cool pattern.

.....and then there are these two punks. Don't let the smiley exterior fool you, they're stinkers...both of them.

So my wonderful hubby did our taxes last night (big hooray!) and we realized after hours of working that we had to print them off....except for Brody man had destroyed the printer. So at 8:30 at night, bra less and bare faced I ran to Wally World. I'm pretty sure I may have frightened the check out boy, but I was in and out in a flash.....praying that I wouldn't run into anyone we know. We got ourselves a brand spankin new printer and scanner for pretty cheap. A few blessings this week would be that I sold some fabric and finally received a check (and not a day too late) and our refund is significantly bigger than last year and we will pay off bills and work on the last of my student loan! Our goal is to be debt free (not including mortgage) very very soon! We have worked so hard to live within our means and even though it's been rough and still will be very tight, we can see a little bit light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Senorita Grumpypants

I do believe that this sign sums up my morning.

Of course I would never inflict physical pain on a member or my family, but I was considering playing hide and seek with my family and never coming out of hiding. I spent Saturday sans husband (not unusual during track season) and cleaning the house....not just cleaning....but cccclllleeeaaaannnnning the house. Scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees, saved precious objects from the destroyer and fished two entire rolls of toilet paper out of the toilet. We played hookie from church this morning because Brody's snot was antifreeze colored and I'm pretty sure the nursery workers wouldn't appreciate that. I went to bed last night and the whole house was spotless, only to awaken at the butt crack of dawn (sorry Dawn!) and have two miniature tornadoes swirl and whirl and destroy within seconds....wait, I take that back (it was two mini tornadoes and one big cyclone) They are like clean seeking missles, they aim to detstroy. I know not to keep my hopes up for a clean house all the time, but I really really really wanted it to stay clean for a little tiny bit. These destructive behaviors sent me on a downward spiral of grumpiness. I also believe there might have been a comment about my cooking thrown in there. So I plead my case to Lonnie (I'm not quite sure he understands, but oh how I desperately need him to understand!) and he agreed to let me go for a while.

So here I sit in the coffee shop, only to glared at by a lady who was grumpier than I, because I took the table and she was left on the couch. I even offered her a seat next to me but she refused saying she had other people joining her. Sorry lady, I do believe I was here first and I do believe that I have much bigger biceps than you. The table is wobbly anyways and you might spill your double shot soy mint latte with foam. It's been on of those mornings...that's what happens when you skip church.
and then I saw this and laughed....

Now I'm not as grumpy. At least I'm admitting my grumpiness.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Fancy Friday

In high hopes of spring returning quickly, I posted these wonderful photos that were taken in the spring last year. Baylor of course, was not at all excited to be out in the rain...but look at that green grass! Oh, how I miss green grass. It is one of my favorite things...fresh spring know, when it's still shiny? Love it. I also miss going to the park (which is one block from our house) and having the boys play (along with contacting every strange illness known to man) Hopefully we will be able to get outside very soon! There may be lives at stake here and I know a lot of my sanity depends on the warmer weather.
So speaking of fancy....I was lucky enough to score this amazing spa/hair certificate from one of my mom's good friends. I am so very blessed and thankful and I had no idea what this actually included, but after my royal treatment today I am hooked! The deal is five sessions of some sort of pampering and the first one was a free haircut! The deal is to try to get you to buy other things or upgrade your pampering package to something more. I haven't gotten my hair cut in a while and it was looking mighty frayed (along with my entire body) I'm trying to grow it out, but I always like to spice things up. So the salon (Tru Salon and Spa) is in Coralville so I worked it out with hubby to watch the boys while I snuck away for a few hours. I get there, only to be offered a complimentary beverage from my very favorite coffee shop! They had me at, "complimentary beverage" but this won me over (I was even offered wine...totally tempting, but it was only 12:30. I waited on this very fancy...clean...white...ottoman thingy and read hair magazines while I sipped my amazing freshly roasted coffee. Then I meet my stellar stylist (who just happened to go to the same private Christian school that I did, but a while after I left...small world) and she gives me a scalp massage and asks me what I want to do with my hair. At this point I have no clue but told her a few things that I'd like to try. So she cuts my hair and uses a fancy straight iron to make me look all done up. She used fancy sprays and gels that smelled good but I could never afford. My hair has never been that straight in my entire life! Needless to say, she did an amazing job, but I looked like I was 21 and headed to the library to study for my exam and then hit the dance floor. I will not be purchasing a straightening tool such as the one she used one me, but it was fun for a while. I was very curious, after hearing the total for a lady who had a highlight and blow out before me (hers came to $167!!) how much a haircut of this sorts actually came to. Oh, just $60 a pop. I tried not to let my eyeballs pop out of my head and politely shoved me jaw back to it's full and upright position. All I kept thinking was, do you know how many groceries I could buy with $60?! I brought a little cash to tip her with, but clearly it was not the allotted %15! So my fancy Friday turned out to be awesome and I will be returning for round #2, which is a thirty minute facial and complimentary beverage (I think I might take the wine this time!) next week.

The video

Here's the video of the too much fun naughty chair episode yesterday.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

When the naughty chair is fun

So this morning, Baylor was being Baylor and clocked his brother with an unknown object (but then again, any object within reach becomes a weapon in this house) and was sent to the, "naughty chair" as a warning. I then hear hysterical laughing coming from the living room and see this scene (see above photo) I had a video but it didn't work, I'll try later. Anyways, Baylor was spinning his brother (who was laughing so hard) on the chair. I was laughing so hard I couldn't remember what I had even sent him to the naughty chair for....and obviously his little brother forgot too. So it looks like we'll be trying to find a far less entertaining chair to replace this current naughty chair.
Baylor has been such a good boy lately (aside from the random whacking to his brother's head) and has impressed me so much with his use of, "no thank you." I guess repetition and consistency do pay off when it comes to being polite. We are however having some difficulty in the area of dressing oneself. Why would he want to when him mom can do it far better and faster. So he refuses. So do I. My only problem is that he'd rather be naked. Well, so would I kid, but that ain't gonna please put your clothes on! I help with the start of the socks and telling him that the tag goes in the back, but he just gets really frustrated and says, "I can't!" (which is a no no) I think we're going to have a little motivation and confidence issue when he gets a little older. The kid can write letters, but refuses to put clothes on...hmmmmm. I guess he'll be a star student...he'll just be a naked one.

(Yes, it's the ugly chair...but it's the kid in the ugly chair that counts right?)

Brody still fighting his cold and I can tell it's working it's way down to his lungs. I'm a big fan of saline nasal washes and sprays. They get rid of the bad germs in the nose and help clean out the sinuses. Brody runs for his life when he sees me with the saline spray. It's no Zicam, but it's helping. I can't wait for spring!!!

Tonight is band night. My little slice of heaven.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick dog, sick times

Well, if we hadn't already budgeted our tax return money, we'll have to now! I'm thankful for vets, they do a great job, but they're stinkin expensive! Chloe has been freakishly ill for the past few days and we finally took her in. After many blood tests and strange poking and prodding, she has a suspected lower respiratory infection. Antibiotics and trying to get her to eat something will be the next step. I love my dogs. My husband does not (and not harbors even more resentment for them after seeing the bill)

Brody man has been up at night with a low grade fever, then stuffy/snotty nose and I'm sure we'll be busting out the nebulizer sometime tonight. Colds always go to his chest and this fun respiratory junk is going around! The good news is that we FINALLY got insurance and it should be kicking in soon! I've been in such a gloomy mood today (could be due to the lack of sleep from Brody) but this will hopefully soon end! Sorry for the whine today...I'll go eat my cheese now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You should see the other guy....

Raspberry Bush: 1
Baylor: 0
Baylor went sledding today.
He got beat up by raspberry bush.
The bush won.

The short one broke our printer/scanner. Sweeeeeeet.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Leave the short one alone for 2 minutes and you get....

1. 5 cds shoved into the printer
2. Sharpie marker scribbled on a photo that was laying on the desk
3. Dog food meticulously dropped into the heating vent in the hallway (I'm guessing there is about three complete dog meals down there now)
4. Two candles shoved into my jean drawer (this didn't happen today, but I just found the candles)
5. Blue chalk drawings on the table (I do have high hopes for his blossoming artistic talent)
6. Every single tub of whatever form of organization I had hoped to achieve....dumped on the living room floor. So much for that thing I like to call organized.
7. And this.....
One would think that climbing on to a tall counter and into a sink would be a hard accomplishment for such a vertically challenged youngin...
But clearly, this child didn't think so. No more comparing him to Theadore on Alvin and the Chipmunks, he is now our little spider monkey.
And what fun is it to sit in a dry sink? Heavens to Betsy no, we need to splash in the water and completely soak ourselves. Pardon the turtle neck straight off of Ernie from Sesame Street, it was warm and available (much like my ugly cloud pants that I'm sporting at the moment....warm and available)
I can't wait until spring when I can send him into a tightly enclosed back yard....five bucks says he tries scaling the fence.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Laugh (revisited)

Remember this? How could you forget!

I know, I posted this a while back, but I just found it again and I LOVE IT. It makes me giggle every time I hear his crazy Dr.Evil laugh. Sometimes he'll bust out that laugh for no reason at all...and then I start laughing all over again. I think everyone should laugh like this for no apparent public....wouldn't' that be a sight? His face makes it even better...he even has evil eyebrows to go along with the evil laugh.

I hope this brings a smile to your face.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wuv, twu wuv...

Oh it's that time of year again.....the time of year when Wal-Mart card isles are packed with frantic males trying to find that perfect card for their lover. When women decide that they should probably shave their legs and put on something other than sweatpants when their mates come home. The totally overrated yet somewhat quirky holiday of Saint Valentine. My thoughts on this day are this...1. It is seriously overrated and it's really for young lovers, kids (we all loved making those valentine mail boxes!) and card companies 2. It should be celebrated a lot more frequently if you're in EVERYDAY. 3. I will not turn down a nice meal alone with my wonderful husband or chocolate for that matter 4. I still don't like the holiday. 5. My husband is gone today and I'm pouting.

Here are my twu wuvs......

I love the fact that my children are rarely clothed in the warmer months. They have such cute tushies. Crawl on naked boy, crawl on.

I love my husband. I really do...even if I tease him here and there. He is the love of my life and I am very blessed to be married to such a wonderful hard working and passionate soul. He is my quiet rock and best friend. He is also an amazing father and I wish you all could see him behind closed doors when he is with his boys, you would be as amazed as I am. I'm a lucky gal.

I love this truck. This is my dream truck. I want one really badly. Forget flashy sports cars or new wheels, this is what I want. Mine will be red. I will wear a cowboy hat and drive with the windows down.

I love this photo. It's Baylor posing in God knows what kind of position, looking at his reflection on the t.v. Typical male. Like I said...always nekkid.
I love my punks. I had no idea how amazing and amazingly challenging motherhood could be. I fall more in love with these little dudes every day. They are hilarious, creative, smart, funny, obnoxious, rough, bullies, loving, kindhearted little boys. Once again with the nakedness. Baylor got a little smiley over his little smiley. He'll thank me when he's older.
I love a good coffee house cappuccino with lots of froth. Mmmmmmm

I love God. I recently got a, "you sure do post a lot about Jesus and stuff on your blog" Well, why not? I'm pretty sure I owe him everything so why not talk about Him once in a while? Nothing to be ashamed of, I couldn't be more proud of this relationship.
I also love the little things in life like walking ten feet to my mailbox everyday, going on a nice run, being able to make music in my brass band, my freshly painted bright yellow kitchen, my church family and bubble baths. So even if you don't have a, "valentine" today, you can still be thankful for all of the things you twuly wuv.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Fat girl in a little tank top.....

Ugh. I hate prego pictures. That is why this is one of the only ones. I was nine months pregnant with Baylor and thought kayaking would get this baby out! Nope. I obviously thought when you were pregnant you could eat anything. I didn't gain nearly as much with Brody, but either way...ugh. I can honestly say that I really didn't enjoy being pregnant, I love the outcome however....but not the getting fat part.

It sure was fun though. I rode a bike that was a funny sight. Neither worked because he came TWO WEEKS after his due date. I was ready to throw punches at my next OB appointment.

Found my senior a good laugh. Tan and blond. Those were the days. I miss the tan, not so much the, "sun-in" blond look. I left the one out where I posed with my trumpet....hello DORK FACE.

I also found this photo of Brody...nope, just's Lonnie! Now tell me they don't look alike! What a cute kid who grew up to be a handsome man.
So good news on the insurance! We FINALLY found out that we are approved for Hawk-i and the boys will be covered very soon! They will even get to go to the dentist! Yippee. God is good.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why paint the paper when you can paint your brother.

Check out the butterfly stamp on his chest. Don't think grandma intended those to be used for body painting, but what the heck.

The pink bath AFTER the painting extravaganza.

The paint dance (notice Brody painting in his,'s still pink even after the bath)

This kid cracks me up. He asked, "MOM! Where are you going?"
"To get the camera of course!"

Checking out his sexy belly.

mmmmm tastes like chicken!

You lookin at ME? YOU LOOKIN AT ME?

Say CHHEEEEEEESE. Last night after Awana, Baylor is mastering his art of "stalling" before bedtime.
We've had quite the exciting two days. The weather has been back to dreary brown drippy mushy muddy goo. Yesterday we watched The Polar Express (Baylor's current very favoritest movie) made a tent and had a picnic of bananas, mac and cheese and cookies for dessert. Today we painted Valentines for people but as you can see, most of the paint ended up on the boys, table and NOT the valentines. It's been fun for all of us and I highly encourage messy activities even if it freaks you out, it helps kids learn and it's gosh darn fun. I have to shower now, I have paint in my hair (not sure how that happened...wait, yes...okay...vaugely remember paint flying through the air...yup, that's it) I hope there is enough hot water left for me after three loads of laundry and one dishwasher load....grrrrr. I've never been a fan of cold showers. That is of course, AFTER I proof read and spell check...that person I'm married to so lovingly mentioned that I am a bad speller last night while reading the blog. We've been over this before...that's why I draw...I went to the skool for kids who don't write and spell gud.
Love you too sweet cheeks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who do you work for?

Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10

No matter how hard we try, as women and as human beings, we long for validation. Whether it be in secrecy or right out loud, it's there. It's there whether we admit it or not. Who or what we choose to be validated by is another story. The pure and simple fact is that our one true validation should come from our heavenly father. Unfortunately that isn't always the case. We spend our days comparing, contrasting and competing for the ultimate worldly validation. If you don't do this, you're a rock star and I want your secret. We secretly long for validation from friends and other moms, telling us that we're doing a good job, we're not crazy and Martha Stewart has nothing on us. We also desire validation from the loves of our lives (the husbands, wives and children) Tell us we look skinny. Tell us you love us. Tell us we're doing a good job.
After reading this verse this morning, I pondered the question that if posed. Actually the movie line, "WHO DO YOU WORK FOR?" popped in my head, but it's true! Who do you work for? Are we spending time trying to validate and prove ourselves to others that we totally forget who we're working for? Oh my, I totally do! I am a fiercely competitive person in all areas of my life and have to constantly remind myself that life, motherhood and marriage are not really considered competitions. It's all around us all the time, we let the outside world affect our decisions and life. Am I trying to win the approval of men (or women)? It was a great reminder to get my head back in the game and remember who's team I'm on and who I'm working for.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excuse me, could you turn that bluegrass music down Ma'am?

A girl could get used to this amazing weather for the month of February. This is my least favorite month because it's always gloomy and brown. Things are starting to melt but not yet starting to grow. Blech is a good word to describe February....and then there's that overrated love fest we call Valentines day thrown in there. Don't get me started. Today however, it is almost 60 and sunny and God is giving us a taste of spring. A taste in which I will savor because I know it will not last....poop. I had the most glorious morning too! A much needed escape from the house without children (love them dearly, haven't been away from them in a while) and with my husband. We had a gift card to Skillet Cafe and our wonderful friend and neighbor Shannon offered to watch the boys for the morning. We jumped at the chance to have adult conversation (as much as I could squeeze out of my "man of little words" husband) and a wonderful breakfast. I ate entirely too much and had far too many cups of coffee (they had Sumatra, one of my favorites) I dropped Lonnie off at work and then headed into town to bag some clothing deals at stores with major sales. I scored Lonnie some new pants, originally $30 on sale for $6, two shirts that were originally $12 a piece for $3.99 each and then two shirts for me for a whopping $1.97 each. I also found a pair of jeans that actually fit my strangely shaped rear and midget legs for 75% off. Excellent. Brody got a new pair of splashing in the mud boots and Baylor got a high five (he doesn't need anything but a winter coat for next year...but I couldn't find a 5T) It was a great time, I got to listen to my music (hence the post title) and not chase little short ones around the stores trying to figure out what rack they were hiding in. I happen to be a fan of bluegrass music, among other kinds, but today seemed like a good day to pump up the jams...the bluegrass jams that is. So if you happened to be in the Kmart parking lot around 11am this morning and heard strange fiddle noises coming from a Corolla named Bessie.....heck, that was me. (and don't think I'm crazy for shopping at Kmart, they have good deals in they have icees!)

I also got to listen to talk radio, which is another pleasure but never happens because I'm never around a radio. They were talking today about how much people are having to cut back and save money. It got me thinking (once again!) about how amusing some of the things they suggest doing are. How you might have to get rid of cable or you might have to car pool to work or not eat out every! Really? C'mon people this is not rocket common folk have been doing this for years and that is why we're not feeling the effects of the economy freaking out as much. I'm not saying that I haven't noticed a difference, the grocery bill is slightly higher and we are making smarter decisions on how to save money, but if you have been on this saving wagon from the beginning, it's not a huge shock to your system. It's almost a fun game we like to play to see who can save the most money using whatever means they have to (like a certain someone washing their car with the trickle of water coming out instead of paying the full price...ha!) Now, I will step off of my soap box and finish the laundry! Enjoy this amazing weather we're having!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Musings:Drop the deuce

We told him there was no more water......He doesn't listen very well does he? Blatant refusal to get out of the tub. This continued for about five minutes after all of the water had drained down the drain. Silly kid.
You know you're a mom when......

Your 18 month old son (see cute photo above) is running around nekkid and stops, grunts and begins to drop a deuce on the floor......AND YOU CATCH IT IN YOUR BARE HANDS TO PROTECT YOUR CARPET. You bet I did. I know, please don't throw up....or was solid, I swear! Now normally, I might have thought twice about this act of courage, but after the past few weeks of cleaning up all sorts of bodily functions, I fear NOTHING. I disinfected the hand properly and very quickly!
You also know you're a mom when.....

You are startled and awakened in the morning...early morning, that a glowing object. Not just any glowing's your three and a half year old son (the cute one in the photo above)and he has glowing goo all over his face, hands and clothes. Apparently those glow sticks aren't, "child proof" and when you bite into them, they break and the glowing substance (hopefully NOT toxic!) goes everywhere. It was pretty cool though, it looked like he got in a fight with a lightening bug. I wish I had the camera, but at five in the morning...not something I was going to venture downstairs to retrieve. Makes me wonder what the heck he was doing up at that hour and why was he biting the glow stick?

Books: The Snoring Monster, Bernstein Bears, Jonah and the Whale
Music: Shut up and let me go by the Ting Tings (yes, I know I'm a BAD mom, especially since we aren't allowed to say shut up in this house! but the kid heard it once and is hooked!) God's army, Single Ladies (once again, bad mom) Scatman
Food: Apples, blueberries and "those little square things" (starburst candy)
Toys: Thomas trains, Veggie Tales pirates, inanimate objects such as a battery charger that he calls his, "robot"
Things to do: Play outside, watch movies, read with Dad, play tag, say his letters and try to read!
Brody Man
Books: If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Cars and Trucks and Things that go, ABC book, Maisy's Bedtime
Music: anything with a beat so he can climb on the table and dance
Food: After his stomach bug he has become more picky, but still loves anything orange, mandarin oranges, mac and cheese, cheese, goldfish
Toys: Anything Baylor has in his hands, cars and trucks, boats and his lovey
Things to do: Destroy, shove cd's into the printer, shove granola bars into the VCR, eat ladybugs, play with Baylor and snuggle with mom
New words: Water (wah-wah) Clock (minus the L) C'mon mom, Okay, Back-Hoe, Boat, No, Mine, Choo Choo, book, bath, shoes, cheese, cracker (cak-er)

Doesn't he look old in this photo!? He's growing up so fast.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do do do do do do

I know this is the second post today, it's because I'm lonely...sitting here in my living room waiting for my husband...what's his name? Oh yea, get home from the enormous track meet. Kids are sleeping. Dogs are sleeping. Trains are blaring. Toes are cold. What's new.

So I was deep in thought, which doesn't happen very often because I will more than likely be interrupted by 1. screaming child 2. whining child or 3. dangerous projectile objects sailing through the air....and then a screaming child. Where was I? Oh yes, I was thinking.....thinking about how much emphasis we put on the DO. If you think about it, how often do you ask someone when you first meet them, "So what do you do?" Does it really matter what they do? Are you going to think of them any differently? How often we ask someone, "So what did you do today?" or, "what are you going to do tomorrow?" Our lives simply revolve around the DO. Here are just a few definitions of the word....
do perform (an act, duty, role, etc.): Do nothing until you hear the bell.
2. to execute (a piece or amount of work): to do a hauling job. accomplish; finish; complete: He has already done his homework. put forth; exert: Do your best. be the cause of (good, harm, credit, etc.); bring about; effect. render, give, or pay (homage, justice, etc.). deal with, fix, clean, arrange, move, etc., (anything) as the case may require: to do the dishes. travel; traverse: We did 30 miles today. serve; suffice for: This will do us for the present. condone or approve, as by custom or practice: That sort of thing simply isn't done. travel at the rate of (a specified speed): He was doing 80 when they arrested him. make or prepare: I'll do the salad. serve (a term of time) in prison, or, sometimes, in office. create, form, or bring into being: She does wonderful oil portraits. translate into or change the form or language of: MGM did the book into a movie. study or work at or in the field of: I have to do my math tonight.

As a mother, I spend my entire day DOING things. If I choose not to DO things, then I am either 1. Lazy or 2. Not a good person. We judge people on how much they do or what they have done (example: bible studies, mom's groups, play groups, graduate school, home school, private school, public school, church groups, musical groups, stay at home mom or working mom, art...and the list goes on and on) I often wonder what people think of me for my choice to not DO so much at this stage in my life. My favorite line being, " So what DO you do all day at home?" Don't even get me started. It was a decision that was made by both Lonnie and I and I love being home with my kids instead of stressing out to get somewhere to DO something. Sure, I've given up on many activities and socialization but I am not a bad person and I am not lazy. My kids are also just fine...a little crazy sometimes, but just fine. This will change next year when we send Baylor to preschool, but right now I will savor every second of not stressing. Don't get me wrong, I love getting out and experiencing things with my kids, I just don't want to be judged on how many, "activities" we can juggle, because this too will change very quickly! I will not be defined by what I do, but what I am....even though I would like leave a bulleted 145 point list of what I did today....funny how that works.

So here's to not focusing on the DO's. I'm going to try my hardest!
(thanks for reading this ramble!)

Flashback...umm, Saturday

The Koser family; Kris, Keri, Steve, Kort. Check out my dad's moustache....excellent. My mom is a knockout too. Definitely an 80's photo.....

This is my little brother. So he's not so little anymore, he's 27. He is hilarious. This is how he would smile every time you asked him to, Cheese ball in a corduroy sport coat....very smooth. He still smiles like this by the way.

So I was borrowing photos from my mom to put back on our computer when I found these old ones from our childhood. Acquired a lot...I now have plenty for use in blackmail against any member of my family. The good news is that she had a lot of photos that I had burned on a cd for her and I have managed to recover a lot from the blog and facebook. Someone is also going to take a look at Lucifer...I mean our old computer and see if they can work their magic.

Today is the most glorious weather. It's almost 50! All the snow is melting (to return shortly I'm sure, but I'm soaking this up!) I put both kids in the car without puffy coats and it was spectacular. Lonnie is hosting a track meet with almost 20 teams (insane to say the least) I won't see him until late tonight.....or more like June. We usually reintroduce ourselves to each other after the season ends. Thus the life of a coach. I also got a visit from two of my good friends (who were in my wedding) Beth and Rachel. They came up and brought me my favorite coffee from the Java House. It was great to catch up and see their beautiful faces! I sent them home with some of my fabric because they were going to spend the day sewing fun things. Good luck with that, I can barely sew a straight line.

I think I might go chop some ice, we seem to have a pond now in the's calling Baylor's name.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Friday 15

First, before I enlighten you with fifteen nuggets of random information, I will tell you three funny things that were said to me yesterday by my two boys that made me laugh.

Conversation Uno:
Me: Baylor what are you laughing at?
Baylor:, I crack myself up.

Conversation Dos:
Baylor: Mooooom, help me! (comes running in the kitchen with pants pulled up all weird and underwear is still around his knees)
Me: What's wrong?
Baylor: I need help, my pants are all wrong and I think my penis is broken.

So now that Brody man is learning new words, he yells them at the top of his lungs. He just learned to say CLOCK, except he can't say his "L's" so it comes out rather vulgar....and of course at the top of his lungs. Glad the windows are shut.

Now the Friday 15. Fifteen glorious songs to listen, dance or chill out to (in memoriam of my lost iTunes...but I'm rebuilding folks!)

1. Life is a Highway, Tom Cochran
2. Learning to Fly, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
3. Better Hands, Natalie Grant
4. Appalachian Waltz, Yo Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer
5. Lost, Coldplay
6. Take Five, Dave Brubeck
7. Kiss Me, Harry Connick Jr
8. Only Hope, Switchfoot
9. Happy Girl, Martina McBride
10. Supermassive Black Hole, Muse
11. Daughter, Pearl Jam
12. Why, Wynonna
13. Higher Ground, Stevie Wonder
14. Main Titles, Little Women Soundtrack, Thomas Newman
15. Finale from Symphony #3, Camille Saint Saens

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why everyone should buy a gigantic bucket of cheese balls

I couldn't resist. It was on my bucket list,#467 Buy over sized and unhealthy trough of cheese balls at Sam's Club. Check!
This my friends, is what we call DANGEROUS. Every time I go into my kitchen....ummm, I mean my extraordinarily happy bright yellow kitchen, I see this gigantic bucket of love staring at me. It calls out to me. EAT ME. Screw the diet, eat the cheese only live once (and if I eat this whole thing, it will be a short life) No one seems to be helping me in my endeavor of finishing off these orange dreams and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be the only one who sneaks a few every time I enter the happy place. I've always wanted to buy one of these things though. I was at Sam's with my mom, we were, "just buying diapers" (you know how that goes) and saw this extraordinarily happy lady strolling down the isle. She had this immense grin on her face and was practically skipping through the store. What in the world could possibly make a woman this happy?
GIGANTIC BARREL OF CHEESE BALLS right there in her cart. I had to get me some. I went in for diapers and came out with a bucket of cheese balls, two pounds of strawberries and of course butt loads of diapers. That store is crazy. Where else on earth can you buy half a cow, a leather love seat, 25 lbs of Kibbles and Bits and an engagement ring for your sweetie. Sams. Genius.

I also want to apologize for the insane amount of whining I have been doing the last week. Yes, it's been a rough go, but this is life and this too shall pass. I am still in mourning over the computer, but I have so much more to be thankful for. I knew I didn't name the computer Lucifer for nothin. Brody is doing better and the virus is exiting his body in so many ways....I'll spare the details (I got a stern lecture from my mom on how inappropriate the photo of the split pea soup was, along with the detailed description...sorry mom, but that's what you get for turning your nurse stories into dinner conversations)

Tonight is band night. I couldn't be more excited. I miss my band buddies. I miss adult conversation and wonderful music making. I even got a babysitter for the first part of the night until Lonnie gets home (and that is a big deal for me) Hooray for band night. I think I'll celebrate by eating some cheese balls...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finding music

Along with losing all of my precious photos, I lost all of my precious music. Lonnie and I both had so many songs and so many memories in the form of songs on that computer. The not so funny but slightly ironic part is that we just spent hours and hours taking our old Cd's and putting them on to iTunes (on the old computer) And what did we do with the Cd's? Um, yea...tweedle dee and tweedle dumb tossed them or donated them to charity. Way to kick us when we're down. Insult is added to injury. I did save a lot however and I'm trying to slowly and surely add them back on this computer. It's amazing how many we had and how much I love certain songs. How a song or piece of music can bring back so many memories. I am very sad too that we lost all of Baylor's cool kid music. We had many many dance parties with that crazy music playing in the background. I'm sure I'll get some of it back, but knowing mister particular, he'll think of a song that we don't have and insist we listen to it...NOW. My wonderful friend Berkley gave me her Cd's to borrow (along with fresh coffee and flowers! She's amazing!) and I will get some from my mom (along with photos Cd's) It's painful, but we could be going through much worse! I am thankful for the little things.

Our new computer is pretty sweet and has lots of fancy gadgets and bells and whistles that I will probably never use and never figure out. I spent the afternoon talking with "Rex" who helped me fix the DVD/CD drive already. If I was a tech nerd who helped people all day, I'd pick a really peculiar name like Huldah or Shan-nay-nay. "Rex" was obviously not from around here, but he sure was helpful. I also wish we had live chats online to answer any parenting question we had at any time. Like what to do when a child sticks a cylindrical object in one of their many crevices or how to remove explosive poo stains from a new shirt. Maybe I'll start that and make lots of money and retire early :)

Brody is still not himself and let me tell you....the plumbing works! He is no longer throwing up, but it sure is coming out the other end. It has been over a week since he has got it and if he keeps losing weight, we'll go back to the Dr. We did have human contact today (the first time in over a week ) and it was great to get to talk adult for a while. Things are slowly returning back to normal. I did bake a chocolate cheesecake today (which I need help eating by the way!) and it was good to be back in my super happy bright yellow kitchen!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kitchen Photos

I told you it was yellow.

The pear looks great in the kitchen.
Time to put on your shades....

The vintage signs look good however...

...and so does this crazy dude.

Doing what they do best.