Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back it up baby

Back them up. Not your hiney, your photos, music and videos....or you could be having one of the worst days, just like me. Just when I thought, hey....I love cleaning up puke for seven days straight....can this get any worse? Why, yes it can.

My computer hard drive crashed and burned big time. There was no hope for saving ANYTHING. And by anything I mean ALL of my 3,000 photos, 7,000 songs and many videos including Brody's first steps. Yes, I know what you're thinking. Hey, stupid...you should have backed those up!!! I was working on it, but didn't quite make it!!! (so let my stupidity be a lesson to you: BACK THEM UP BABY!!!) I've shed big crocodile tears and every time I think of a video or song or beautiful photo (like Brody's birth....I actually think I have those on CD, but have yet to find it) I start to tear up. You know how much I love photos and you know how many photos I have taken! Yes, they are just photos...but THEY ARE MEMORIES! and darn it, I had a TON of memories on that dang computer. I stare at the old hard drive and wish I could just get them back or at least wish I knew if was coming and I could have done something about it. It just makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it, but I will move on....eventually.

The silver lining is I have a few albums saved on wal-mart and snapfish and facebook and of course there is this blog, where only the best photos go. It will take a while, but I can get a few back. I just feel bad for Brody because I lost most of the photos of him. I did back up Baylor's first few years. We did get another computer (which wasn't really in the budget this month...or this year) but it's pretty nice. It just doesn't have anything on it....like my precious photos or music.

Oh yea, my pipes froze too.

Brody is still throwing up (as of last night) We took him in for xrays and they thought he was just backed up with poo and put him on laxatives. Really. So now he has diarrhea and he's throwing up. I'll call the Dr in the morning if we have another night of puking. I just want to figure out what is wrong and make him feel better. Talk about feeling helpless today.

Tomorrow is another day. I still want my photos back!!


Andrea G. said...

Keri- Phillip thinks you might be able to get the stuff, but it is expensive. Will the hard drive just not turn on? Did you take it to an expert? Phillip said he doesn't know how to do it, but you can experts a good deal of money, 300 dollarish, but they can do it if you really want the stuff. Just thought I would share. I am so sorry about it all!

Janice said...

Been there, done that. However a former friend that we both know had her brother help retrieve the photos. I was so very grateful for that. So, it may be possible to do, and if you know a computer wiz, maybe they could do it for free, or some baked goodies.