Thursday, February 26, 2009

Caught with his pants down....

Okay, so maybe this wasn't the best post title but it illustrates the subject of this video quite nicely. I promise I'm not describing inappropriate acts, just hilarious ones. Now who doesn't love to scurry around the house with dropped drawers? C'mon, I know this is #42 on your bucket through house with pants down....check! Clearly Brody finds this strange behavior quite entertaining and so do I. Man, I can't wait to show his future wife these videos or play them on his wedding day.

And then we have the, "show me your muscles" video. Pay close attention to the shaking and convulsing. This kid is a hoot.

It is a rainy day today. I heard thunder when I was taking my bubble, yes in the middle of the day thank you. I got a new magazine and decided it was hot bubble bath time. I'm weird like that. I love thunderstorms, they rank right up there with the smell of wet cement, chocolate ganache, white wine and of course bubble baths. I'm hoping this sudden downpour will miraculously vanish all of the doggie bombs in the back yard as well as clean the streets from sand and salt. When we went outside yesterday (which was amazing) no one was safe....we all ended up with dog poo on the shoes. I think Brody might have sat in it too....he's a smelly kid so one can never tell.

I got a surprise in the mail from Bri, my sister-in-law. She hand knitted my mom and I these sweet scarves. She is so thoughtful and very generous. Baylor also got his surprise in the mail today. We have a stay in bed chart for him so when he stays in bed all night he gets a sticker and when he gets 10 stickers he gets to choose a small toy. His chart is almost full (about 50 nights of staying in bed!) so he gets a bigger toy. Lonnie and I had fun bidding on this sweet Fisher Price castle complete with knights and eBay. We told him that he had a surprise coming in the mail (which wasn't the smartest thing to do since he sat by the window for the last two days waiting for the mailman) It finally came today. I think Lonnie and I were more excited that Baylor. It's great and both boys have enjoyed playing with it this afternoon. I was more surprised that Lonnie let us get it because he is the hater of all things large and plastic. He hates big plastic toys...and or course the boys love them. Speaking of Lonnie...he's away for the weekend at the Conference track I will be alone until Saturday night. Ugh, leaving me with two boys who have mysterious coughs. I pray for sleep. Thus the life of a coaches wife.

I have to give a shout out to Shannon and Handy Man Darryl who hauled our garbage away yesterday and put it in their big ole dumpster for free! It totally made our week. See how little things like that make for HUGE blessings!

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Janice said...

wish the trash guys would have remembered to stop at our house today. The recycling guys did though so that is a bonus, our bins were full.