Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do do do do do do

I know this is the second post today, it's because I'm lonely...sitting here in my living room waiting for my husband...what's his name? Oh yea, get home from the enormous track meet. Kids are sleeping. Dogs are sleeping. Trains are blaring. Toes are cold. What's new.

So I was deep in thought, which doesn't happen very often because I will more than likely be interrupted by 1. screaming child 2. whining child or 3. dangerous projectile objects sailing through the air....and then a screaming child. Where was I? Oh yes, I was thinking.....thinking about how much emphasis we put on the DO. If you think about it, how often do you ask someone when you first meet them, "So what do you do?" Does it really matter what they do? Are you going to think of them any differently? How often we ask someone, "So what did you do today?" or, "what are you going to do tomorrow?" Our lives simply revolve around the DO. Here are just a few definitions of the word....
do perform (an act, duty, role, etc.): Do nothing until you hear the bell.
2. to execute (a piece or amount of work): to do a hauling job. accomplish; finish; complete: He has already done his homework. put forth; exert: Do your best. be the cause of (good, harm, credit, etc.); bring about; effect. render, give, or pay (homage, justice, etc.). deal with, fix, clean, arrange, move, etc., (anything) as the case may require: to do the dishes. travel; traverse: We did 30 miles today. serve; suffice for: This will do us for the present. condone or approve, as by custom or practice: That sort of thing simply isn't done. travel at the rate of (a specified speed): He was doing 80 when they arrested him. make or prepare: I'll do the salad. serve (a term of time) in prison, or, sometimes, in office. create, form, or bring into being: She does wonderful oil portraits. translate into or change the form or language of: MGM did the book into a movie. study or work at or in the field of: I have to do my math tonight.

As a mother, I spend my entire day DOING things. If I choose not to DO things, then I am either 1. Lazy or 2. Not a good person. We judge people on how much they do or what they have done (example: bible studies, mom's groups, play groups, graduate school, home school, private school, public school, church groups, musical groups, stay at home mom or working mom, art...and the list goes on and on) I often wonder what people think of me for my choice to not DO so much at this stage in my life. My favorite line being, " So what DO you do all day at home?" Don't even get me started. It was a decision that was made by both Lonnie and I and I love being home with my kids instead of stressing out to get somewhere to DO something. Sure, I've given up on many activities and socialization but I am not a bad person and I am not lazy. My kids are also just fine...a little crazy sometimes, but just fine. This will change next year when we send Baylor to preschool, but right now I will savor every second of not stressing. Don't get me wrong, I love getting out and experiencing things with my kids, I just don't want to be judged on how many, "activities" we can juggle, because this too will change very quickly! I will not be defined by what I do, but what I am....even though I would like leave a bulleted 145 point list of what I did today....funny how that works.

So here's to not focusing on the DO's. I'm going to try my hardest!
(thanks for reading this ramble!)


Janice said...

Here's to being a hermit at home and enjoying our kids! I dispise being busy with places to be all the time, I have fun being out, but really like being home too.
I need to pick your creative brain on a few things too

Dawn said...

Great post, I was sitting at church today sort of thinking I really do not have many friends, and that is probably because I am not "doing" any other activities other then tending to my family. Which is busy enough, don't get me wrong. I so love to experience many things with them, but there is where my contentment lies.

Stacy said... do I opt out of doing so much and do less? And then the big question is...what would God have me do? I want to be living my life to the fullest for Him but so often feel everything else pulling for my attention. Sigh.