Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excuse me, could you turn that bluegrass music down Ma'am?

A girl could get used to this amazing weather for the month of February. This is my least favorite month because it's always gloomy and brown. Things are starting to melt but not yet starting to grow. Blech is a good word to describe February....and then there's that overrated love fest we call Valentines day thrown in there. Don't get me started. Today however, it is almost 60 and sunny and God is giving us a taste of spring. A taste in which I will savor because I know it will not last....poop. I had the most glorious morning too! A much needed escape from the house without children (love them dearly, haven't been away from them in a while) and with my husband. We had a gift card to Skillet Cafe and our wonderful friend and neighbor Shannon offered to watch the boys for the morning. We jumped at the chance to have adult conversation (as much as I could squeeze out of my "man of little words" husband) and a wonderful breakfast. I ate entirely too much and had far too many cups of coffee (they had Sumatra, one of my favorites) I dropped Lonnie off at work and then headed into town to bag some clothing deals at stores with major sales. I scored Lonnie some new pants, originally $30 on sale for $6, two shirts that were originally $12 a piece for $3.99 each and then two shirts for me for a whopping $1.97 each. I also found a pair of jeans that actually fit my strangely shaped rear and midget legs for 75% off. Excellent. Brody got a new pair of splashing in the mud boots and Baylor got a high five (he doesn't need anything but a winter coat for next year...but I couldn't find a 5T) It was a great time, I got to listen to my music (hence the post title) and not chase little short ones around the stores trying to figure out what rack they were hiding in. I happen to be a fan of bluegrass music, among other kinds, but today seemed like a good day to pump up the jams...the bluegrass jams that is. So if you happened to be in the Kmart parking lot around 11am this morning and heard strange fiddle noises coming from a Corolla named Bessie.....heck, that was me. (and don't think I'm crazy for shopping at Kmart, they have good deals in there...plus they have icees!)

I also got to listen to talk radio, which is another pleasure but never happens because I'm never around a radio. They were talking today about how much people are having to cut back and save money. It got me thinking (once again!) about how amusing some of the things they suggest doing are. How you might have to get rid of cable or you might have to car pool to work or not eat out every weekend....no! Really? C'mon people this is not rocket scientist...us common folk have been doing this for years and that is why we're not feeling the effects of the economy freaking out as much. I'm not saying that I haven't noticed a difference, the grocery bill is slightly higher and we are making smarter decisions on how to save money, but if you have been on this saving wagon from the beginning, it's not a huge shock to your system. It's almost a fun game we like to play to see who can save the most money using whatever means they have to (like a certain someone washing their car with the trickle of water coming out instead of paying the full price...ha!) Now, I will step off of my soap box and finish the laundry! Enjoy this amazing weather we're having!!!


AnE said...

i have a kmart right by my work and go there alllll the time...really cheep clothes and last month they had xmas stuff 90% off i got a whole table set...AMAZING:)

the Broffitts said...

I'm a fan of KMart...but, last time I bought pants there they turned my legs black and I had to return them. Not sure what happened there.