Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finding music

Along with losing all of my precious photos, I lost all of my precious music. Lonnie and I both had so many songs and so many memories in the form of songs on that computer. The not so funny but slightly ironic part is that we just spent hours and hours taking our old Cd's and putting them on to iTunes (on the old computer) And what did we do with the Cd's? Um, yea...tweedle dee and tweedle dumb tossed them or donated them to charity. Way to kick us when we're down. Insult is added to injury. I did save a lot however and I'm trying to slowly and surely add them back on this computer. It's amazing how many we had and how much I love certain songs. How a song or piece of music can bring back so many memories. I am very sad too that we lost all of Baylor's cool kid music. We had many many dance parties with that crazy music playing in the background. I'm sure I'll get some of it back, but knowing mister particular, he'll think of a song that we don't have and insist we listen to it...NOW. My wonderful friend Berkley gave me her Cd's to borrow (along with fresh coffee and flowers! She's amazing!) and I will get some from my mom (along with photos Cd's) It's painful, but we could be going through much worse! I am thankful for the little things.

Our new computer is pretty sweet and has lots of fancy gadgets and bells and whistles that I will probably never use and never figure out. I spent the afternoon talking with "Rex" who helped me fix the DVD/CD drive already. If I was a tech nerd who helped people all day, I'd pick a really peculiar name like Huldah or Shan-nay-nay. "Rex" was obviously not from around here, but he sure was helpful. I also wish we had live chats online to answer any parenting question we had at any time. Like what to do when a child sticks a cylindrical object in one of their many crevices or how to remove explosive poo stains from a new shirt. Maybe I'll start that and make lots of money and retire early :)

Brody is still not himself and let me tell you....the plumbing works! He is no longer throwing up, but it sure is coming out the other end. It has been over a week since he has got it and if he keeps losing weight, we'll go back to the Dr. We did have human contact today (the first time in over a week ) and it was great to get to talk adult for a while. Things are slowly returning back to normal. I did bake a chocolate cheesecake today (which I need help eating by the way!) and it was good to be back in my super happy bright yellow kitchen!

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Janice said...

I would be more than happy to lend you our GoFish Cd's to download for Baylor, seriously not annoying kid music and good message to boot! That is it for kids tunes though, the rest I have is all for big people and some that I probably shouldnt even have anymore, but most of those are on tapes, you kow stuff from my dark teen years (hee hee)