Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Fancy Friday

In high hopes of spring returning quickly, I posted these wonderful photos that were taken in the spring last year. Baylor of course, was not at all excited to be out in the rain...but look at that green grass! Oh, how I miss green grass. It is one of my favorite things...fresh spring know, when it's still shiny? Love it. I also miss going to the park (which is one block from our house) and having the boys play (along with contacting every strange illness known to man) Hopefully we will be able to get outside very soon! There may be lives at stake here and I know a lot of my sanity depends on the warmer weather.
So speaking of fancy....I was lucky enough to score this amazing spa/hair certificate from one of my mom's good friends. I am so very blessed and thankful and I had no idea what this actually included, but after my royal treatment today I am hooked! The deal is five sessions of some sort of pampering and the first one was a free haircut! The deal is to try to get you to buy other things or upgrade your pampering package to something more. I haven't gotten my hair cut in a while and it was looking mighty frayed (along with my entire body) I'm trying to grow it out, but I always like to spice things up. So the salon (Tru Salon and Spa) is in Coralville so I worked it out with hubby to watch the boys while I snuck away for a few hours. I get there, only to be offered a complimentary beverage from my very favorite coffee shop! They had me at, "complimentary beverage" but this won me over (I was even offered wine...totally tempting, but it was only 12:30. I waited on this very fancy...clean...white...ottoman thingy and read hair magazines while I sipped my amazing freshly roasted coffee. Then I meet my stellar stylist (who just happened to go to the same private Christian school that I did, but a while after I left...small world) and she gives me a scalp massage and asks me what I want to do with my hair. At this point I have no clue but told her a few things that I'd like to try. So she cuts my hair and uses a fancy straight iron to make me look all done up. She used fancy sprays and gels that smelled good but I could never afford. My hair has never been that straight in my entire life! Needless to say, she did an amazing job, but I looked like I was 21 and headed to the library to study for my exam and then hit the dance floor. I will not be purchasing a straightening tool such as the one she used one me, but it was fun for a while. I was very curious, after hearing the total for a lady who had a highlight and blow out before me (hers came to $167!!) how much a haircut of this sorts actually came to. Oh, just $60 a pop. I tried not to let my eyeballs pop out of my head and politely shoved me jaw back to it's full and upright position. All I kept thinking was, do you know how many groceries I could buy with $60?! I brought a little cash to tip her with, but clearly it was not the allotted %15! So my fancy Friday turned out to be awesome and I will be returning for round #2, which is a thirty minute facial and complimentary beverage (I think I might take the wine this time!) next week.

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Janice said...

Wow, what a super friend to give that to you! I am a tad bit envious of such royal treatment. I m not sure I would know how to act being pampered so. I do have a gift cert. for a pedicure(which I have never had) will wait for warmer weather though. Enjoy your next session, a facial sounds sweet!