Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Fat girl in a little tank top.....

Ugh. I hate prego pictures. That is why this is one of the only ones. I was nine months pregnant with Baylor and thought kayaking would get this baby out! Nope. I obviously thought when you were pregnant you could eat anything. I didn't gain nearly as much with Brody, but either way...ugh. I can honestly say that I really didn't enjoy being pregnant, I love the outcome however....but not the getting fat part.

It sure was fun though. I rode a bike that was a funny sight. Neither worked because he came TWO WEEKS after his due date. I was ready to throw punches at my next OB appointment.

Found my senior a good laugh. Tan and blond. Those were the days. I miss the tan, not so much the, "sun-in" blond look. I left the one out where I posed with my trumpet....hello DORK FACE.

I also found this photo of Brody...nope, just's Lonnie! Now tell me they don't look alike! What a cute kid who grew up to be a handsome man.
So good news on the insurance! We FINALLY found out that we are approved for Hawk-i and the boys will be covered very soon! They will even get to go to the dentist! Yippee. God is good.

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the Broffitts said...

I think you gave me the trumpet one...since I was a band nerd too.