Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flashback...umm, Saturday

The Koser family; Kris, Keri, Steve, Kort. Check out my dad's moustache....excellent. My mom is a knockout too. Definitely an 80's photo.....

This is my little brother. So he's not so little anymore, he's 27. He is hilarious. This is how he would smile every time you asked him to, Cheese ball in a corduroy sport coat....very smooth. He still smiles like this by the way.

So I was borrowing photos from my mom to put back on our computer when I found these old ones from our childhood. Acquired a lot...I now have plenty for use in blackmail against any member of my family. The good news is that she had a lot of photos that I had burned on a cd for her and I have managed to recover a lot from the blog and facebook. Someone is also going to take a look at Lucifer...I mean our old computer and see if they can work their magic.

Today is the most glorious weather. It's almost 50! All the snow is melting (to return shortly I'm sure, but I'm soaking this up!) I put both kids in the car without puffy coats and it was spectacular. Lonnie is hosting a track meet with almost 20 teams (insane to say the least) I won't see him until late tonight.....or more like June. We usually reintroduce ourselves to each other after the season ends. Thus the life of a coach. I also got a visit from two of my good friends (who were in my wedding) Beth and Rachel. They came up and brought me my favorite coffee from the Java House. It was great to catch up and see their beautiful faces! I sent them home with some of my fabric because they were going to spend the day sewing fun things. Good luck with that, I can barely sew a straight line.

I think I might go chop some ice, we seem to have a pond now in the's calling Baylor's name.


Andrea G. said...

How fun! What is Beth up to? I don't think I have seem her since someone's wedding, but I don't remember who's... maybe yours! I hope Rachel is well too!

astroud said...

Nice job, Steve, on snagging that hottie! I love you, Mama K!

Keri - you've got a great family!