Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If God wore Pull-ups

He definitely wouldn't poop in them.

Baylorism of the week.

Me: Baylor, can you please go let the dogs in?

Baylor: Sure! (runs to let the dogs in...long pause)

Baylor: I let the dogs in...and I talked to God.

Me: Really? What did you talk about?

Baylor: Well, I told him not to poop in his pull up. Does God wear Pull-ups?

Me: Nope, and if he did...he wouldn't poop in them!

(Can you tell what we're having issues with lately?)


Brody had his belated 18 month check up today. He's right at or a little below the 50th percentile for everything. He weighs 25 lbs and is 32'' tall...or should I say short. He got two shots and doesn't come back until his 2 year check up...holy cow! My baby will be two? Where does the time go. The doctor asked, "are you or anyone in the family having difficulty dealing with this child?" (he has to ask this) I don't think he wanted to hear my real answer, I just said no. (Does the word DESTROYER mean anything to you? It's like Goodnight Moon, Hello Martini at bedtime!) I restrained myself, but I think he could tell by the expression on my face how I felt. I just told him I couldn't wait until spring. I really like our doctor, he has two boys of his own and is no nonsense. He tells it like it is and is great with the boys.

I'm going to start training for a triathlon (sprint) that's at the end of the summer. It will be rough starting out since it's still cold and the whole not having a bike or a body of water to swim in....but I will make it work. I'm not going to stress over it, but just have fun and focus more on the running since that's what I do best. We'll see how it goes.

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Crazy Mom said...

Don't focus on the running. At the end of the race even the good people are slow. Not as slow as me, but whatevs.

Focus on the biking. That's the hardest/killer part. For reals.

Yo! Yay tri girl!Welcome to my club!