Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Musings:Drop the deuce

We told him there was no more water......He doesn't listen very well does he? Blatant refusal to get out of the tub. This continued for about five minutes after all of the water had drained down the drain. Silly kid.
You know you're a mom when......

Your 18 month old son (see cute photo above) is running around nekkid and stops, grunts and begins to drop a deuce on the floor......AND YOU CATCH IT IN YOUR BARE HANDS TO PROTECT YOUR CARPET. You bet I did. I know, please don't throw up....or was solid, I swear! Now normally, I might have thought twice about this act of courage, but after the past few weeks of cleaning up all sorts of bodily functions, I fear NOTHING. I disinfected the hand properly and very quickly!
You also know you're a mom when.....

You are startled and awakened in the morning...early morning, that a glowing object. Not just any glowing's your three and a half year old son (the cute one in the photo above)and he has glowing goo all over his face, hands and clothes. Apparently those glow sticks aren't, "child proof" and when you bite into them, they break and the glowing substance (hopefully NOT toxic!) goes everywhere. It was pretty cool though, it looked like he got in a fight with a lightening bug. I wish I had the camera, but at five in the morning...not something I was going to venture downstairs to retrieve. Makes me wonder what the heck he was doing up at that hour and why was he biting the glow stick?

Books: The Snoring Monster, Bernstein Bears, Jonah and the Whale
Music: Shut up and let me go by the Ting Tings (yes, I know I'm a BAD mom, especially since we aren't allowed to say shut up in this house! but the kid heard it once and is hooked!) God's army, Single Ladies (once again, bad mom) Scatman
Food: Apples, blueberries and "those little square things" (starburst candy)
Toys: Thomas trains, Veggie Tales pirates, inanimate objects such as a battery charger that he calls his, "robot"
Things to do: Play outside, watch movies, read with Dad, play tag, say his letters and try to read!
Brody Man
Books: If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, Cars and Trucks and Things that go, ABC book, Maisy's Bedtime
Music: anything with a beat so he can climb on the table and dance
Food: After his stomach bug he has become more picky, but still loves anything orange, mandarin oranges, mac and cheese, cheese, goldfish
Toys: Anything Baylor has in his hands, cars and trucks, boats and his lovey
Things to do: Destroy, shove cd's into the printer, shove granola bars into the VCR, eat ladybugs, play with Baylor and snuggle with mom
New words: Water (wah-wah) Clock (minus the L) C'mon mom, Okay, Back-Hoe, Boat, No, Mine, Choo Choo, book, bath, shoes, cheese, cracker (cak-er)

Doesn't he look old in this photo!? He's growing up so fast.

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