Monday, February 23, 2009

NOTHING is safe

I feel like I should start this post with a blup from a horror movie or scene from a scary book, and then cue the frightful music....

NOTHING is safe. (muha ha ha ha ha) It was a dark and stormy night, rain pounded against the window and the wind howled violently outside. A chill ran up my spine as I slowly opened the door and saw......
My son. Kind of reminds me of Taz...not the whole tongue sticking out of his mouth, but more the destroying a room like a veracious tornado. ( I don't really know what the word veracious means, but it sure does sound frightful doesn't it?)

Yes. This cute little guy. Like I said before. NOTHING, and when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING is safe from his sticky little fingers! I wanted to keep tally of all the things he has either a.) shattered, broken or ripped b.) Shoved into small spaces where they don't belong or c.) all of the destructive above, but I would lose track at some point. He climbs, he runs, he stuffs, he breaks, he puts lipstick on, he knocks over, dumps out and tries to get his hands on anything and everything. I know this is the, "age of discovery" and some mothers are enamored by their children's curiosity. Ummmm, no. If you think unwrapping seven boxes of soap, putting two in the toilet and the rest in the bathtub is cute? You're nuts. Yes, I love to let my kids explore and be curious on their own, I think it's very important to their character as well as a great learning tool. How else will they ever learn if you (yes you) never let them find out for themselves. I am not a helicopter mom (you know, likes to hover) but I do draw the line of enchanting curiosity somewhere. This kid is out of control. I can't contain him, he broke the baby gate!

I took this photo yesterday and thought it was pretty stinkin awesome. It was a leaf stuck in the snow and the wind kept spinning it around to create this cool pattern.

.....and then there are these two punks. Don't let the smiley exterior fool you, they're stinkers...both of them.

So my wonderful hubby did our taxes last night (big hooray!) and we realized after hours of working that we had to print them off....except for Brody man had destroyed the printer. So at 8:30 at night, bra less and bare faced I ran to Wally World. I'm pretty sure I may have frightened the check out boy, but I was in and out in a flash.....praying that I wouldn't run into anyone we know. We got ourselves a brand spankin new printer and scanner for pretty cheap. A few blessings this week would be that I sold some fabric and finally received a check (and not a day too late) and our refund is significantly bigger than last year and we will pay off bills and work on the last of my student loan! Our goal is to be debt free (not including mortgage) very very soon! We have worked so hard to live within our means and even though it's been rough and still will be very tight, we can see a little bit light at the end of the tunnel.


Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Hurray for paying off student loans!!! I love it every time we knock one off.

Crazy Mom said...

John's been working on our taxes since October, figuring stuff out. How sad is it that our tax return is more than my annual "salary"?

Jill Kapfer said...

Good for you! That's a big accomplishment!