Sunday, February 22, 2009

Senorita Grumpypants

I do believe that this sign sums up my morning.

Of course I would never inflict physical pain on a member or my family, but I was considering playing hide and seek with my family and never coming out of hiding. I spent Saturday sans husband (not unusual during track season) and cleaning the house....not just cleaning....but cccclllleeeaaaannnnning the house. Scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees, saved precious objects from the destroyer and fished two entire rolls of toilet paper out of the toilet. We played hookie from church this morning because Brody's snot was antifreeze colored and I'm pretty sure the nursery workers wouldn't appreciate that. I went to bed last night and the whole house was spotless, only to awaken at the butt crack of dawn (sorry Dawn!) and have two miniature tornadoes swirl and whirl and destroy within seconds....wait, I take that back (it was two mini tornadoes and one big cyclone) They are like clean seeking missles, they aim to detstroy. I know not to keep my hopes up for a clean house all the time, but I really really really wanted it to stay clean for a little tiny bit. These destructive behaviors sent me on a downward spiral of grumpiness. I also believe there might have been a comment about my cooking thrown in there. So I plead my case to Lonnie (I'm not quite sure he understands, but oh how I desperately need him to understand!) and he agreed to let me go for a while.

So here I sit in the coffee shop, only to glared at by a lady who was grumpier than I, because I took the table and she was left on the couch. I even offered her a seat next to me but she refused saying she had other people joining her. Sorry lady, I do believe I was here first and I do believe that I have much bigger biceps than you. The table is wobbly anyways and you might spill your double shot soy mint latte with foam. It's been on of those mornings...that's what happens when you skip church.
and then I saw this and laughed....

Now I'm not as grumpy. At least I'm admitting my grumpiness.


Janice said...

That chick is funny! Right up my humor alley! I used to have a funny one w/ a nail and hammer, people just couldnt understand...sad

Jill Kapfer said...

I've had a grumpy day today too...maybe it's in the air.