Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick dog, sick times

Well, if we hadn't already budgeted our tax return money, we'll have to now! I'm thankful for vets, they do a great job, but they're stinkin expensive! Chloe has been freakishly ill for the past few days and we finally took her in. After many blood tests and strange poking and prodding, she has a suspected lower respiratory infection. Antibiotics and trying to get her to eat something will be the next step. I love my dogs. My husband does not (and not harbors even more resentment for them after seeing the bill)

Brody man has been up at night with a low grade fever, then stuffy/snotty nose and I'm sure we'll be busting out the nebulizer sometime tonight. Colds always go to his chest and this fun respiratory junk is going around! The good news is that we FINALLY got insurance and it should be kicking in soon! I've been in such a gloomy mood today (could be due to the lack of sleep from Brody) but this will hopefully soon end! Sorry for the whine today...I'll go eat my cheese now.

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