Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Cook

I totally wish that was my nickname....but I think mine is more like Super Freak.

So I was listening to the radio this morning driving two coughing kids to get mom coffee and get them cookies for breakfast (yes, with it) because I was going crazy. (They did awesome by the way) Oh yes, where was I....listening to the radio and heard the DJ talk about this website where you put in the ingredients that you have in your house and it comes up with recipes. Brilliant. Thank you for the emails and comments about recipes, I want to try a few of them out this week. When you have three very picky eaters (that all happen to be of the male gender) making a meal that people will eat is not always easy. I'd be perfectly fine eating a bowl of oatmeal for dinner every night. I consider myself a good cook and a better baker, but my mind goes blank most days when it comes to dinner.

Here it is:

I also use excel spreadsheet when I write down my grocery list. It depends on where I will be getting my groceries that week. If it's Aldi's (which is most of the time) then I don't worry about the details, but if it's Wal-Mart then I try to divide up the list how the store is laid out. This way I save myself from running back and forth when I forget something and being persuaded to buy impulsive things. I also separate by food and non-food items such as toilet paper and shampoo. After I have my list of groceries, I have another column for the meals just in case I forget why the heck I'm buying oriental noodles and flank steak. I then add one more column for the coupons that I have and color code/match them with the items that I NEED on my list. I'm getting better at coupons, but sometimes I find that I buy things I don't really need simply because I have a coupon. Another tip I have is to write out your meals for the week, including breakfast and lunch. This way you can set meat out ahead of time if it needs to thaw or have your husband run to the store on his way home from work if you forgot ketchup. I had this sweet list of meals that my friend and I sat down one day and came up with, there were about 150 meals on it, but I lost it when my computer died. I also use these sites a lot: (if you're feeling adventurous)

But far too often, I don't have or can't pronounce half of the ingredients in the recipes.
So maybe this will help some of you the next time you sit down to grocery shop or plan your meals. In the words of Kim, "when in doubt, I make a pizza." Amen. You can never go wrong with frozen pizza (I'm fairly certain hers is homemade though!)


The Kac's said...

We have the same taste in cooking websites! A few others I have bookmarked:

AnE said...

I use
it has weekly/monthly menues, a program for making a shoping list in excel like you do and it has tons of recipes!!