Friday, February 27, 2009

Thankful Heart

It's amazing what we learn from the little people in our lives. Because a thankful heart is a happy heart. (from Veggie'd be amazed at what vegetables can teach you!)

Tonight Baylor (who is sick with the nasty respiratory crud going around) came up to me about four times and told me how thankful he was for his new castle. He also told me that he had a thankful heart. Oh, it did my heart good to hear him speak those words. We've really been working on the heart issues of discipline. We're struggling with the whole repentance and forgiveness, but this will come with time. I struggle with it too from time to time, and he's only three and a half. I have been trying so hard to be consistent and calmly talk to Baylor after he does something naughty so I can try to teach him something from the punishment. What a great time to teach, when they are most vulnerable. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that though far from perfect, I can see a little glimmer of breakthrough! Sometimes it's hard to swallow and digest all of the helpful tips, biblical knowledge and different suggestions you may receive. I often get so down because I feel like I'm not doing everything I should be, but he has proved me wrong. So I say this to you moms (and dads) YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB!!! Keep it up, be consistent and work on their hearts because it speaks volumes on their behavior.

So I want to end with ten things that I am thankful for just for Baylor!

1. My family of course
2. The blessings that seem little but are really huge and make my day
3. The chocolate cake with chocolate ganache glaze I just made in the kitchen
4. Running shoes (I say that after the cake!)
5. A husband that works so hard so that I can stay home with my children
6. All of my wonderful friends that I continue to learn more about each day
7. Silicone spatulas...they rock, seriously.
8. Both the uncertain fear and anticipatory excitement from not knowing the future
9. Big big tubs of cheese balls
10. Spell check....because I suck at it.

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