Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I've always thought of myself as a little wacky from time to time and I do believe I was even called it once or twice. Why not celebrate the wacky Wednesday by making a list of some of my strange behaviors.

I find something very therapeutic about cleaning out the dryer vent.

I prefer drinking my vegetables rather than eating them.

I hate having my food touch (unless it's food that goes well together like potatoes and meat)

I think shoes are totally overrated, cute...yes, but seriously who looks at your shoes? I'd rather wear my sandals or running shoes...all the time. I haven't bought a new pair shoes (minus flip flops and running shoes) in over three years.

When I sleep alone in bed, I totally destroy the sheets...they end up on the floor and strewn about, but never on me. I think I must fight battles or run in my sleep.

Drains freak me out. I refuse to swim near or over the swimming pool drain. I sit at the back of the bathtub and refuse to touch them.

I have a bad habit of starting beverages, leaving them all over the house and then never finishing them.

I love the smell of wet cement and dryer sheets.

Alright. That's all I got. Hope you enjoyed this moment of transparency and still want to be friends (or read this blog) now that you know I'm weird.

The weather is amazing today, I'm having iced coffee instead of my usual hot coffee in the afternoon. We walked over to our friends house to play and eat lunch (grilled peanut butter..mmmm) I was totally amazed at all of the children, how well they played together, how well behaved they was like night and day. The other mom and I got to actually sit and talk while everyone just played. I think these kids are growing up! It could be the fact that I have all boys and she has all girls and they are starting to be interested in playing different things, but either way I like it. I am very much looking forward to more walks and just getting to go outside to play. I am not however, looking forward to mud in my house. I love getting dirty, but I hate cleaning mud off floors, walls, clothes, etc. I would take mud over snow any day though. I even started planning my garden, but will need some extra help since I am the proud owner of a black thumb! I'm going to do tomatoes, onions, potatoes, spinach (maybe) cilantro and some other herbs. I might try some flowers that are high sun (know any?) for the west side of the house that gets tons of sun all day. I can't do squash of any form since we have an infestation of squash bugs that eat everything within 10 hours of their arrival. I also got the project bug. This time of year, when I can't quite get outside, I start itching to do art projects or other home hand work projects that usually require me to paint or sand outside....since we don't have a garage, I'll have to settle with the front porch until it warms up. The front porch is actually one of my projects so I can start scraping the old ugly green paint off the inside and get it ready for a fresh coat come spring. Oh, I can't wait for Spring!!


Kim said...

Potato tip: mark where you put them. We had a lovely crop last year...that's still out there somewhere because the stalks died and I couldn't find the suckers!

Janice said...

I dont like my food to touch either, so I dont find that to be weird. I find people who mix everything together after someone bothered to cook them so they wouldnt taste like a blob of flavor are strange and in too big of a hurry to enjoy the taste. I too have the project bug this time of year, got several started in my head that I have not verbalized to the one who may have to help with some lifting :)