Thursday, February 19, 2009

When the naughty chair is fun

So this morning, Baylor was being Baylor and clocked his brother with an unknown object (but then again, any object within reach becomes a weapon in this house) and was sent to the, "naughty chair" as a warning. I then hear hysterical laughing coming from the living room and see this scene (see above photo) I had a video but it didn't work, I'll try later. Anyways, Baylor was spinning his brother (who was laughing so hard) on the chair. I was laughing so hard I couldn't remember what I had even sent him to the naughty chair for....and obviously his little brother forgot too. So it looks like we'll be trying to find a far less entertaining chair to replace this current naughty chair.
Baylor has been such a good boy lately (aside from the random whacking to his brother's head) and has impressed me so much with his use of, "no thank you." I guess repetition and consistency do pay off when it comes to being polite. We are however having some difficulty in the area of dressing oneself. Why would he want to when him mom can do it far better and faster. So he refuses. So do I. My only problem is that he'd rather be naked. Well, so would I kid, but that ain't gonna please put your clothes on! I help with the start of the socks and telling him that the tag goes in the back, but he just gets really frustrated and says, "I can't!" (which is a no no) I think we're going to have a little motivation and confidence issue when he gets a little older. The kid can write letters, but refuses to put clothes on...hmmmmm. I guess he'll be a star student...he'll just be a naked one.

(Yes, it's the ugly chair...but it's the kid in the ugly chair that counts right?)

Brody still fighting his cold and I can tell it's working it's way down to his lungs. I'm a big fan of saline nasal washes and sprays. They get rid of the bad germs in the nose and help clean out the sinuses. Brody runs for his life when he sees me with the saline spray. It's no Zicam, but it's helping. I can't wait for spring!!!

Tonight is band night. My little slice of heaven.


Jill Kapfer said...

I'm jealous of your good boy (other than the whacking incident). Abbie is seriously naughty ALL the time. I'm not sure how much more I can take.

Crazy Mom said...

Nate won't dress himself either. The baby will dress herself, but for Nate it's too hard. I actually dragged him out of the house once sockless and shoeless in the snow. That seemed to motivate him to miraculously learn how to put on socks and boots....
sigh...I think our boys are peas in a pod.