Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why everyone should buy a gigantic bucket of cheese balls

I couldn't resist. It was on my bucket list,#467 Buy over sized and unhealthy trough of cheese balls at Sam's Club. Check!
This my friends, is what we call DANGEROUS. Every time I go into my kitchen....ummm, I mean my extraordinarily happy bright yellow kitchen, I see this gigantic bucket of love staring at me. It calls out to me. EAT ME. Screw the diet, eat the cheese only live once (and if I eat this whole thing, it will be a short life) No one seems to be helping me in my endeavor of finishing off these orange dreams and I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be the only one who sneaks a few every time I enter the happy place. I've always wanted to buy one of these things though. I was at Sam's with my mom, we were, "just buying diapers" (you know how that goes) and saw this extraordinarily happy lady strolling down the isle. She had this immense grin on her face and was practically skipping through the store. What in the world could possibly make a woman this happy?
GIGANTIC BARREL OF CHEESE BALLS right there in her cart. I had to get me some. I went in for diapers and came out with a bucket of cheese balls, two pounds of strawberries and of course butt loads of diapers. That store is crazy. Where else on earth can you buy half a cow, a leather love seat, 25 lbs of Kibbles and Bits and an engagement ring for your sweetie. Sams. Genius.

I also want to apologize for the insane amount of whining I have been doing the last week. Yes, it's been a rough go, but this is life and this too shall pass. I am still in mourning over the computer, but I have so much more to be thankful for. I knew I didn't name the computer Lucifer for nothin. Brody is doing better and the virus is exiting his body in so many ways....I'll spare the details (I got a stern lecture from my mom on how inappropriate the photo of the split pea soup was, along with the detailed description...sorry mom, but that's what you get for turning your nurse stories into dinner conversations)

Tonight is band night. I couldn't be more excited. I miss my band buddies. I miss adult conversation and wonderful music making. I even got a babysitter for the first part of the night until Lonnie gets home (and that is a big deal for me) Hooray for band night. I think I'll celebrate by eating some cheese balls...


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, buckets 'o cheese balls bring back bad memories of a family trip. In all his wisdom my ex-step father bought multiple buckets of these things for the very long car ride. Imagine what wonderful things happen when 7 people are crammed in a van for days subsisting mainly on cheese balls. I've never looked at one the same way again.

Janice said...

I personally dont care for that type of cheese balls, I prefer mine to be deep fat fried cheesy goodness, but definately not healthier. My kids love them though, maybe not Jeni as much since she over ate them many years back and chucked them up on my moms porch, luckily we had Dean the puke cleaning machine with us to take care of the job.

Nickie said...

I actually have a picture of Alex at the ripe old age of three with his chubby legs wrapped around the "bucket of cheese balls", orange face, cheese ball oozing through each tightly fisted hand, giant smile! My mom bought them just for Alex.

Kat said...

I agree everyone should have a bucket of cheese balls. But I'm outside the states and can't buy one, which drives me crazy! Postage to have them sent to me would be more than the cost, so I just do without. :(