Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why paint the paper when you can paint your brother.

Check out the butterfly stamp on his chest. Don't think grandma intended those to be used for body painting, but what the heck.

The pink bath AFTER the painting extravaganza.

The paint dance (notice Brody painting in his,'s still pink even after the bath)

This kid cracks me up. He asked, "MOM! Where are you going?"
"To get the camera of course!"

Checking out his sexy belly.

mmmmm tastes like chicken!

You lookin at ME? YOU LOOKIN AT ME?

Say CHHEEEEEEESE. Last night after Awana, Baylor is mastering his art of "stalling" before bedtime.
We've had quite the exciting two days. The weather has been back to dreary brown drippy mushy muddy goo. Yesterday we watched The Polar Express (Baylor's current very favoritest movie) made a tent and had a picnic of bananas, mac and cheese and cookies for dessert. Today we painted Valentines for people but as you can see, most of the paint ended up on the boys, table and NOT the valentines. It's been fun for all of us and I highly encourage messy activities even if it freaks you out, it helps kids learn and it's gosh darn fun. I have to shower now, I have paint in my hair (not sure how that happened...wait, yes...okay...vaugely remember paint flying through the air...yup, that's it) I hope there is enough hot water left for me after three loads of laundry and one dishwasher load....grrrrr. I've never been a fan of cold showers. That is of course, AFTER I proof read and spell check...that person I'm married to so lovingly mentioned that I am a bad speller last night while reading the blog. We've been over this before...that's why I draw...I went to the skool for kids who don't write and spell gud.
Love you too sweet cheeks.

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Kim said...

Maybe I need to bring Josiah over to your house to paint...I just can't bring myself to let him make another mess that I have to clean up. But it does look like fun.