Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wuv, twu wuv...

Oh it's that time of year again.....the time of year when Wal-Mart card isles are packed with frantic males trying to find that perfect card for their lover. When women decide that they should probably shave their legs and put on something other than sweatpants when their mates come home. The totally overrated yet somewhat quirky holiday of Saint Valentine. My thoughts on this day are this...1. It is seriously overrated and it's really for young lovers, kids (we all loved making those valentine mail boxes!) and card companies 2. It should be celebrated a lot more frequently if you're in EVERYDAY. 3. I will not turn down a nice meal alone with my wonderful husband or chocolate for that matter 4. I still don't like the holiday. 5. My husband is gone today and I'm pouting.

Here are my twu wuvs......

I love the fact that my children are rarely clothed in the warmer months. They have such cute tushies. Crawl on naked boy, crawl on.

I love my husband. I really do...even if I tease him here and there. He is the love of my life and I am very blessed to be married to such a wonderful hard working and passionate soul. He is my quiet rock and best friend. He is also an amazing father and I wish you all could see him behind closed doors when he is with his boys, you would be as amazed as I am. I'm a lucky gal.

I love this truck. This is my dream truck. I want one really badly. Forget flashy sports cars or new wheels, this is what I want. Mine will be red. I will wear a cowboy hat and drive with the windows down.

I love this photo. It's Baylor posing in God knows what kind of position, looking at his reflection on the t.v. Typical male. Like I said...always nekkid.
I love my punks. I had no idea how amazing and amazingly challenging motherhood could be. I fall more in love with these little dudes every day. They are hilarious, creative, smart, funny, obnoxious, rough, bullies, loving, kindhearted little boys. Once again with the nakedness. Baylor got a little smiley over his little smiley. He'll thank me when he's older.
I love a good coffee house cappuccino with lots of froth. Mmmmmmm

I love God. I recently got a, "you sure do post a lot about Jesus and stuff on your blog" Well, why not? I'm pretty sure I owe him everything so why not talk about Him once in a while? Nothing to be ashamed of, I couldn't be more proud of this relationship.
I also love the little things in life like walking ten feet to my mailbox everyday, going on a nice run, being able to make music in my brass band, my freshly painted bright yellow kitchen, my church family and bubble baths. So even if you don't have a, "valentine" today, you can still be thankful for all of the things you twuly wuv.


Crazy Mom said...

I read in the paper yesterday that the heart icon is a Rubenesque symbol of a woman's inverted hiney. I will never again eat a heart shaped cookie without feeling a little dirty....

Janice said...

ok Crazy Mom, that is HILARIOUS! BUTT candy hearts may not taste as good to me either now.
Keri love this post, and I dont think that there is any such things as lifting up Jesus too much. Keep praising him and loving all that He has given for us and given to us!

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Cute tushies! The previous post of Baylor (or Brody) lying in the bathtub face down reminded me of Bella. She pulled that move on me a couple of times. Blech to V-Day. Ben and I spent most of it on the couch cuddling a colicky 8 week old and a feverish/coughing 2 year old. I did manage to bake some cupcakes for me and Bella- who ended up not being in the mood for it on the account of being too stuffed up to taste anything. Oh, well!