Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

Dorthy, we're not in Kansas anymore.....and whatever you do, don't follow the yellow brick road.

For some godforsaken reason, whenever I pick a wall color using those stinkin paint chip things, it doesn't look remotely close to what I chose when it is on the wall.

I picked: (actually Lonnie picked it) Yellow Brick Road
What it should have been called: Day Glow Tweety bird...POW!

Yes, I wanted yellow in hopes of bringing happiness and joy to anyone who walked into my kitchen, but you'll just end up with tan. I spent a good portion of Saturday crying on the kitchen floor after I had just painted one wall. This was not the yellow I wanted. I finished last night around 10pm and I was expecting a call from NASA saying, "please turn off your kitchen walls" because I'm fairly certain you can see them from space. They do however, look a little calmer this morning and I got some stuff back on the walls. It does make one a tad on the cheery side, but this morning I wanted to punch the walls (It was a rough night though...I'll get to that in a second) My lovely mom came over and helped me with the trim work and details because she possesses that anal gene that she lovingly passed on the me....except when I paint and cook. I am the worlds messiest painter and cook. I only fot the ceiling two times, but the floor has little yellow splats all over. So I think the color will grow on us (Lonnie keeps changing his mind) and it's happy...and darn it, I need happy right now!!!

So last night.....I was sooo excited that both boys we're supposedly healthy and going to sleep in THEIR OWN BEDS. I sooooo need a good night sleep. I woke up to Brody puking in his bed AGAIN, he can't seem to keep food down. We start with toast and crackers and he keeps it down until the night time and then he decides that puking in his crib is the cool thing to do. I bed to differ. After I got that cleaned up and Lonnie started a load of laundry, Brody refused to go back to his crib. Then Baylor woke up with a poo filled diaper and a refusal to sleep in his bed. So two crying cranky kids in my bed who won't sleep....until 2am, then up again at five. What did I do to deserve this? I have to stay at home from church for the fourth week in a row because of sick kids and I am slowly losing my mind.

Maybe I'll go sit in my kitchen.


Kim said...

We had a 'beach ball yellow' room for a while until I realized I actually got nauseous every time I walked in the room. I hate paint chips.

Janice said...

I know this may be a long shot, but Gabi used to make herself throw up in her bed at night so that she could get out b/c she hated her bed, just a thought, could still be the bug though and it hits him when he slows down.
I would love to see some pics from the paint. I havent noticed any unusual glow out our windows at all.

Andrea G. said...

First, I love the new look. I always read it in my google reader so it may not be too new, but I like it!

And I am dying to actually see the yellow now! With our basement, Phillip and I bought 5 of the small canisters for 3 dollars each and I was so mad at him and thought it was ridiculous to waste that money, but it was worth every penny and paint is so hard to get just right! Especially, when the color changes depending on the time of day!

Jill Kapfer said...

You must post pictures now!

I'm so sorry about the sick kiddos. I've been there and done it and it sucks. For me, it's more than just the clean-up that bothers me, it's also the fear that something is horribly wrong and there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe it was the paint fumes that bothered them. Anyway, we'll be praying for the health of your kiddos and your sanity!

Sharon said...

Is the kitchen brighter than mine? take a pic inbetween pukes and post, so I can see what it looks like. i can't believe ur still dealing with this crud. keep your chin up. i hope you can get some sleep tonite. oh yeah, remember...this too shall pass.

Jill Kapfer said...

By the say, I'm listeningto your playlist at work and I'm loving it. You do a good job picking music...maybe I'll put you in charge of my playlists going forward! I get so tired of my own!

Hope the kiddos are feeling better.

Lana Grace said...

You think that is bright yellow you should see my bathroom man:) now it is sunshine yellow, ever remember the nextel store at lindale mall that had bright stankin yellow yeah that's my bathroom baby:)