Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tag, you're it

Truthful Tuesday.
Five truths about you.

1. I ate...excuse me, inhaled four mini Kit-Kat bars in the car yesterday and tried to hide the evidence by shoving the wrappers into an empty water bottle. Unfortunately the watter bottle is clear. duh.

2. I am the worlds worst grocery shopper. I panic. My mind goes blank. (This happens every day too) Just ask my husband.

3. I clean my floors the old fashioned way...on my hands and knees. Good thing I have a small house.

4. I love to fish. No, really. I've fished ever since I was a little kid with my dad and can't wait to teach Baylor how. My first fish was a 10lb catfish and I caught it on a snoopy pole...which broke in half.

5. I'm really enjoying just having two kids right now.

Now, you're supposed to "tag" someone else so they can copy and paste to their blog. So I choose.......anyone who has a little free time....which I don't, but this is waaay more fun.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Flashback Monday

A few hours old.
Look at those tiny toes! I can't believe his feet were that small. This is Brody, not even one day old. This is still his favorite blankie, he sleeps with it every night.

There's the hairy little dude himself.


Yes, he's laughing and yes, he's in an old trunk.

9 months, ready to pop. Man, I miss those boobs.
I am so excited to show you these amazing photos from an old friend (who is also a pretty sweet photographer!) She took them when I was prego with Brody and then at Brody's birth.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday snapshots

Here is what we did today (fever free!!!)

1. Made funny faces in Grandma's sliding glass door....

Rawr. Let me out.

Yikes. Get this kid some cake.

2. Morning paint session

3. We made cake (actually I made cake and Baylor is patiently waiting to dig in)

4. Brody helped clean up

5. Played superhero with gel masks.
Fevers are gone (Praise the Lord!) but barking coughs remain. It has been a rough few days and very rough nights. If anyone knows a cough remedy for little kiddos let me know! I tried honey already, they wouldn't eat it (weird, I know) Humidifier is going, vapo rub on their tootsies, steam shower before bed.....still coughing! Grrrrrr.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Make it stop...


I have a true and heartfelt appreciation for single moms, military moms or wives whose husbands travel a lot more than mine. I feel your pain (obviously mine is nothing compared to a year deployment in Iraq) especially if you have two very cranky, whiney and snot covered children. It's like cruel and unusual punishment. Whatever this nasty virus is, the fevers last about five days, so brace yourself.

I think I can only handle a teenie tiny bit more of this until my head implodes or I run screaming out the back door. I have peed three times with Brody on my lap, washed dishes one handed and had to take a bath this morning instead of a nice hot shower...with two little snot buckets in the tub with me. Yes, I realize that they are sick and who doesn't want to be loved on and hugged and taken care of when you're sick. I know I do. The only problem is that if I hear ,"mama" in the high pitched tone which only mothers and certain breeds of dogs can understand, I might lose it.

(just thought I'd clarify)
(did I say that out loud?)

Deep breath in.....and exhale. I swear I've gained ten pounds this week because the only exercise I've gotten is moving my hand to my mouth full of something unhealthy. I am a comfort eater by nature....when I get stressed I either quit eating all together or shove every piece of chocolate, ice cream or chips and salsa in my pie hole. It's usually the later. Speaking of unhealthy, I'm thinking of taking them to McDonald's tonight simply because they have a DRIVE THROUGH and the risk of cross contamination is very low. Might as well top off the ten pounds with some fries. C'mon, what's another 875 calories?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Expressive

So I was thinking today as I had ten minutes to myself (without hearing my name repeated to me over and over and over and over.....and a growth by the name of Brody clinging to my leg) about how much this little guy has grown up. He has turned into quite a nice little guy, very polite, so creative and very inquisitive. He also has a tendency to have hilarious yet dramatic facial expressions ...I have NO idea where he gets this drama from...*ahem*

Like for example...this photo was taken when he was about 14 months old. Huh? What? You lookin at me? I said......YOU LOOKIN AT ME?

and here with the Donald Trump comb over (thanks to daddyeo)

Nothing says I love you like a sword in your eyeball. Lets hope he can continue this level of focus in med school....

Whoa. Down Tiger. Unfortunately this exact face and roar that accompanies has reared it's ugly head....in public...mostly in check out lines......sorry Wal-mart lady. He only bites when provoked by little brother.

You know that cheesy smile that all moms get when they ask nicely for their offspring to simply, "say cheese!" I get a big ole face full of cheese. Sporting the crazy "mu-hawk"

...at least it's better than this. I gave this look to Lonnie the other day when he asked me how my day went....but that was after a few glasses of wine.

There's that dang monster face again. You know Baylor, your face just might stay that way.

But don't let the monster fool you, he can be sweet too. This is a little to Children of the Corn for me....

...for like two seconds....this is my favorite...I-want-to-poke-your-eye-balls-out-with-this-abnormally-long-wooden-stick-I-have look. Use the force Luke, use the force.
I also gave this look to Lonnie when he asked me how much I weighed. Just kidding, he knows better than that.

We be coughin'

Sounds like the name of a nice Jamaican party song....but unfortunately it's the new title of my latest soundtrack to life. Other tracks include Cough till you puke, snot factory and you give me fever. Last night was interesting with two coughing feverish little men on each side of me in bed. Baylor insisted on being naked (I think he was hot from his fever) and poor Brody just couldn't stop coughing. Needless to say, they went down for their naps at noon. I just wish I could make them feel better! I would take a nap too except for I overcompensated for loss of sleep with half a pot of coffee. Why is this room spinning?

I do have to tell you how amazing my friends are though. One brought a, "mystery fever and cough" care package to me with chocolate and goodies and the other is bringing me Subway for dinner tonight. I've had calls and messages checking to see if I'm alive and offers to go to the store for me. I am a lucky girl. Maybe my husband should be gone and kids sick more often....wait, ummm no. I do appreciate their generosity though! I hope I wasn't whining too badly! I do hope I can return the favor for them when the are struck with strange illnesses. I did manage to make a miracle trip to Dollar General to get new pillows (after sleeping on one very flat pillow last night, I thought it was time for some new poof) and instructed the boys to look chipper, not cough and no wiping snot on sleeves. We lasted about five seconds without a cough and then the flood gates were open. At least we got out of the house.
I've also had to hide the snot filled Kleenexes from the dogs. You see my dogs have this strange fascination with bodily fluids, especially snot. It's like they are snot seeking missiles aimed to seek and destroy. If I put them in the garbage, they'll dig them out and tear them into little shreds. Strange dogs. I accidentally put a few booger cloths in the garbage and ran upstairs only to return to a snow like blizzard of snot rags covering the carpet. Mmmmmm mucous. Just thought you could use a little mental picture for your Friday afternoon.

So it's Friday...really? It's Friday? Holy Cow. Where has the time gone. Here are some flashback Friday photos.
Here is Brody's birth announcement. He was a little dude and slightly monkey looking. He still is a little dude and looks more like a chubby chipmunk than a monkey. We love him all the same.
And this spaghetti covered crazy man is Baylor at around 15 months. I found another cd with a bunch of photos on it (yippee) so it's like Christmas all over again.
Here's to hoping for sleep, less fever and no more coughs tonight!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lonnie's Law

Lonnie's Law: If one (being husband) is absent from the family for more than a day, then one or more children will fall ill from;

a) mystery fever
b) massive amounts of snot emanating from every facial crevice
c) coughing/wheezing/barking
d) projectile vomit or poo
e)all of the above.

This will in due time lead to sanity loss from the caretaker (aka the mother dearest) and cause one of the following events to occur.

1. Random trips to the Dollar General with no agenda, but to get out of the house
2. Hardee's drive through (gross, I know...but it's DRIVE THROUGH!)
3. The inhalation of ungodly amounts of chocolate, ice cream or both
4. The wearing of scrubby P.J's and stretchy pants...all day long
5. Long hot baths with large glasses of wine (after bedtime of course) and girlie magazines
6. The viewing of many many mindless children's movies containing singing vegetables, ducks with speech impediments and talking trains. Lord help me.

It never fails. Just about the time Lonnie leaves (tomorrow morning for Memphis) one (or both) children get sick. This time we have a combination of a) mystery fever and c) coughing/wheezing/barking with both kiddos. I should face the facts. It has been about two weeks of healthy kids and so now it's time for Lonnie's Law to take effect. Tonight I will head to the store to stock up on Children's Tylenol, 7up and honey. Yes, honey. I just read an article how a spoonful of honey (if they are over 1) before bed is more effective than cough syrup. So honey it is.

I've gotten used to the travel, but it doesn't make it any easier. Hopefully this is just a fluke fever and will subside soon. I can't complain too much, both kids are napping right now and I have been able to get a few things done. Like this brass band poster for our upcoming concert. What do you think? Too girlie? I'm making another less feminine one. I am diggin the birds though.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nekkid boy strikes again

Everyone needs a little nudy time once in a while, but for Baylor it is becoming more of a habit. The past few nights when I go in to check on him, there is a pile of P.J's and a pull-up on the floor next to the bed. He is asleep....and completely naked. I then have to wake him up and put another pull-up and his P.J's back on. Maybe it's a man thing? It's getting old though. Keep those clothes on boy!

P.S in the time it took me to post this....Baylor walked downstairs from his nap...and SURPISE! He was naked. Seriously? I asked him, "Baylor, why are you naked?" and he replied, "well, because I wanted to be." Fair enough. I have a feeling this might be a rough summer trying to keep clothes on this kid!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Give a kid a bag...

Give a kid a brown paper bag and you'll have hours...okay, maybe ten minutes tops...of entertainment. Give Brody a bag...and he will rip it up in the time it takes you to say, "belly button lint." Mister destructo. It did however, make for a grand photo. I love it.

I was very blessed this weekend. First of all, a friend decided that they didn't want their iPod touch (it came with their ibook) and gave it to me. It is amazing. I still can't figure out some of the buttons, but I'm working on it. I did make an iPod cover though (still working on the stitching!) out of high quality wool felt that Diane let me have. Here it is. I'm going to have to get me some more of this felt, because it's awesome. It's nothing like the stuff they sell at Wally world or craft stores. I want to try to make some booties for a new baby next. You know...in my spare time....*sigh* ( "a new baby" meaning...someone else's....not mine!)

So Lonnie and I had a date on Saturday night that was very very much needed. He heads out again this week for Memphis with the track team, leaving me until Sunday night..boo. We used our Chili's gift card, enjoyed some boneless buffalo wings, watched some NCAA bball and then went to the local mall and wandered aimlessly without a plan. He stood in the Barnes and Noble sports section while I checked out the art books. We listened to screaming whining children in the play area and were very thankful that my mom had volunteered to watch ours. We got to have a full conversation without being interrupted by flying objects or yelling toddlers. It was great.

Spring weather in Iowa is always unpredictable. For example, today it's 60 and raining off and on and by Friday we're supposed to get snow. (that word..SNOW.....it's a dirty word in our house) All of this spring fever has gotten me ready for garage sales (how I supply my children's wardrobes) I'm fairly certain Baylor grew overnight because nothing fits anymore. I made him try on shorts last night and he's definitely in a 4T. So I'm on the look out for Boys 4T/5T clothing (summer, fall and winter) and a few 24 month/2T things for Brody (poor kid just gets hand me downs) Other than windows for my art projects, I really don't have anything on my "need" list, but I'm sure I'll find a lot on my want list. I am going to try to build a large sandbox for the boys...far far far away from the door. I am a self proclaimed sand hater. I hate sand. It gets into crevices and is always finds it's way into my house. I filled their little turtle up last year with rocks....that is how much I hate sand. I figure that if the sand box is far far far away, they have to walk through the grass and hopefully most of the sand will fall off. I also know how much they love digging and sand. So here is what I want it to look like.......

...but it will probably look nothing like this. I just need to find me some cheap sand, treated lumber and time now. So this and a picnic table are two of the projects when warmer weather arrives.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Date night.

Oh baby. Tonight is date night with hubby. First time in about three months. I am sooooo excited. Going out to eat with our gift card and then wander aimlessly around with nothing on the agenda (it's better that way, then I don't turn into schedule Nazi) Yippee. Going to go and make myself pretty now.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Count your blessings,watch your step.

As I sit here, listening to the now official sounds of spring....birdies chirping, cars zooming by, kids playing and the announcer on the Temple v. Arizona State game (I love March Madness!) I can't believe that warmer barefoot-short-wearing-sun-basking-pool-jumping-weather is almost here. We've started to come out of our winter hibernation and judging by the pale glow emanating from my legs....it's about time. I don't even think fake tanner can help these bad boys, but sunglasses might help with the glare. The backyard is once again spotted with random toys, rakes, shovels and bikes and I've already gotten the, "please have the boys put their outside toys away at night so we don't look red-neck" talk.
I am also thankful for melatonin and the effect that fresh air and sun has on my boys. This weeks nap times have been like a mini vacation for me. Baylor has actually slept most days and for a very long time! I have gotten some time to do productive things like laundry, cleaning, artwork, abs and spring sorting along with very unproductive things like blogging, updating my facebook status and making a gigantic chocolate sheet cake (which my the way, is amazing) I have so many blessings to be thankful for! A few noteworthy ones are;
1. the date with my husband tomorrow, three months is too long!
2. My TWO children. Two is great, three might be nice, but we are thankful and content with our two right now. Being surrounded by families that make the Brady bunch look small (and do an amazing job parenting!) we have to remember what is good for some, might not be good for others...and baby making is not a competition.
3. The recent sales of two windows, two paintings and a commissioned art project coming up, God is good.
4. My friends. I have some sweet friends. Friends who call to check up, bring me cake, watch my children, fix my porch door, teach me new things, make music with me, watch my dogs, bring me chocolate, make me laugh, keep me accountable, keep me in check, think I'm cool (I think) and pray for me. I have a hard time keeping and maintaining friendships, but God has blessed me with some amazing people in my life. I must not be that big of a dork!
I need to watch my steps, remember who is in control of this crazy life I lead and always remember to count my blessings daily!
On a funnier note....if you haven't checked out the video of this little monkey trying to get his own cup of water, you should. (It's on the previous post) Here is the freeze frame shot of Brody man IN the sink. Of course...ran to get the camera first while he sat in the sink. Repeat after me: I am an excellent mother.
Muh ha ha ha ha ha. I feel like this sometimes.....a lot of the time actually. Usually before I get my morning cups of coffee.

Dude, get that kid some water!

I finally figured out how to run the new video on the camera....and it was perfect timing too. Monkey child strikes again.

More to come!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Llama llama hair cut drama

One of my favorite books to read to the boys is Llama Llama Mad at Mama , it's perfect for Baylor. He was definitely mad at mama this morning when I informed him of his impending doom....a haircut. Here's the new do. It was severe torture, lots of kicking, screaming, crying and bribery. It took both of us to hold the poor guy down. He's really having some issues with loud noises and is beginning to concern me a little. He wouldn't even walk through the doors at Wal-mart without holding his ears and hiding his head. (it might have been that scary greeter though) He used to be fine with a hair cut, but the noise thing is getting worse. I'm hoping it's just a stage.

Look mom, it's a "hoooooo" (talking about a dove that he thinks is an owl) or he could be asking me to pull his finger. One can never tell with gibberish man.

Yep, he climbed all the way up there all by himself and slid down unassisted. In fact, I was standing by the house...far far far away from him. Growing up so fast!
This is the, "kiss and make up" after both boys were taking out their aggressions on each other this morning in the tub. Geesh, guys....enough already.

What's so funny punk?

My THREE boys. I was trying to calm them down before bed....riiiight. The one in the middle...yea, him...he's really good at working them up when it's time to sleep! By the way, they're screaming at the top of their lungs...thanks dad.

I promise they are related.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cable guy!

One of my favorite movies (I'm not sure why though) is The Cable Guy, starring Jim Carey and Matthew Broderick. It's about this freaky cable guy that becomes eerily attached to one of his customers and wants to be best friends. The plot continues and gets even weirder, but with random sarcasm and a dash of light dry humor. Anyhoo, I had a little cable guy experience this morning and I'd like to share. Let me give you a good mental picture first, he looked exactly like Newman from Seinfield, except he was wearing a Mediacom hat. I will also disclaimer about cable guy, he was a very nice dude and did his job and in no way shape or form am I bashing cable guys, Internet dudes or Mediacom employees. They just need some manners.

Let me back up and tell you why we needed a cable/Internet guy.....our Internet (my companion and source of communication) was down since Sunday evening. (what did we ever do before Internet? Read? write? call people on the phone? jeepers!) So we call the company and they said that someone would be there Wednesday morning...between 8 and 12. Seriously....between 8 and 12!? So of course, I as supposed to wait on pins and needles until mister cable guy showed up within a time span of FOUR HOURS. I was afraid to shower, afraid to go anywhere for fear that mister cable guy would show up and I wouldn't be here to let him in. So 8, 9, 10, 11, 11:40, 11:45, then 11:55 rolls around ( I kid you not ) and I get the call. "Hello Ma'am, I'm *dude* and I'm here to fix your Internet" It so happened that ten seconds before he called, I checked the Internet one more time.....and low and behold...IT WAS WORKING. What the heck. So cable guy at the door....Internet working....me feeling stupid. At least I could offer him a freshly baked sugar cookie while he tried to see what went wrong. I am trying to feed the boys in the other room and make friendly conversation to Newman, uh I mean cable guy. He then begins to talk...and it's all down hill from here....

Cable guy: So are these your day care kids?

Me: No, these are mine? (Should I take this as a compliment?)

Cable guy: really?! Looks like you have your hands full. How old are you?

Me: Um, 28. (trying to fix my hair and flash my wedding ring at the same time)

Cable guy: So what does your husband do?

Me: He's the head track coach and assistant cross country coach at Cornell.

Cable guy: Really, is that all he does?

Me: (Is that all Kirk Ferentz does? duh.) Yes, but it's quite a demanding job....

Cable guy: Really? How much does he make?

Me: (You have got to be kidding me?) Well it's not much, but it's enough for us to live off of and me to stay home with the kids.

He goes outside and I try to figure out what just happened. Clearly cable guy did not learn him some manners when he was growing up. Then mister manners comes inside. So I ask him about his family and then the following statements come out of his mouth.....

1. So you guys don't have cable,why not? (we don't really need it and we can't really afford it right now)

2. Sure you can....with this house and if you don't have any college debt.....blah blah (You lost me at THIS house...what do you mean THIS house?)

3. Oh, you do have college debt, wow....you went to Cornell...you have a lot of debt then.....(yes, but it's almost paid off....)

4. So if you don't have cable, what do you do at night? (seriously? Ummm, we talk....we watch non cable channels, we read, we use the computer, listen to music...and oh, then there are those two midgets following me around....they are pretty demanding)

So......nothing was wrong and the Internet was magically (and kind of suspiciously) working again BUT I did get to have marvelous conversation with a man who thought I was 15. Excellent. That is how my morning went. Man, I'm glad to have Internet back.

Yesterday was amazing. Simply perfect weather. It was nearly 75 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. I took the boys to the park and we stayed for two and a half hours! They were so tired that they slept for three hours! I had to practically wake them up for fear that they would never sleep that night. We had a picnic and Brody demonstrated his love for all things daring. Baylor made a new friend and held hands with this girl and played all by himself (I have a feeling we'll be dealing with this girl thing later.....)

Monday, March 16, 2009

At the car wash yea

I think the photo pretty much sums up Brody's first automatic car wash experience. The look of terror subsided and he actually enjoyed himself later.

What the.......are those bubbles? Make it stop.
Apparently forceful water and soap wasn't so appealing.
Baylor thought it was cool......
...for a while.
The things I do to my children.