Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bi-lingual baby yo.

That is of course, if you count gibberish that sounds like Chinese, a language. My kid is a genius. Brody will carry on a complete conversation with you, with expressions, eyebrow raises and hand gestures. The only problem is that it's in a foreign language that no one can understand but Brody. He's so passionate about what he's saying too and he just stares at you with his beautiful hazel eyes, hoping for a response. I usually just say, "oh really?" or, "wow, is that so?" For all I know he could have just told me that he wants to take ballet class and wear a tu tu. I'm fairly certain his father might not think that was cool. He is saying quite a few words and phrases and the Dr. was even impressed, but most of the time it's just gibberish. My favorite phrase is, "Itsa back-hoe mama" which comes out loud and clear and pertains to just about any moving object. Baylor, my other genius :) wrote his name yesterday. I am so proud. It was beautiful. I took a picture....but that's another story....see next paragraph.

So my camera is on it's last leg. I'm not sure what the life expectancy of a digital camera that has been tossed, dropped, thrown and handled by two bouncy boys is. It won't focus anymore and the flash is possessed by something satanic. You all know I can't live without my camera, so this has been a rough week. My secret hope is to score an SLR digital camera so I've been sent to, "do research" by the man and money holder of the house. I am also working on the artwork for our brass band's new cd. The only problem is, I don't speak geek. I do know what a jpg is and I'm thinking I know what a tiff is....okay, I lied, no idea. I'm supposed to send all of the artwork and images to the company in tiff or eps form. So now, you computer geeks out there...what the heck? A brief and to the point explanation would be lovely. This cd is going to be awesome by the way, I think you all should invest when it comes out. It features the cornet section, which is even better. I cannot reveal the top secret yet amazingly cool title we came up with either, you'll have to wait in suspense.

Well, I was hoping to add some beauty to my rambling by posting some photos but you know how that goes. So all I could find was this lovely.


Philip said...


eps :

I couldn't resist. :-) If you need some help once you have to design done I will be glad to. What are you doing the graphics in? Just curious.

Rachael said...

Hi Keri!
You probably don't remember me but my name is Rachael and we used to go to youth group together in highschool. I stumbled upon your blog awhile back through other friends' blogs and I thouroughly enjoy it! I work at a Software company so I thought I could lend some advice here:

You can easily convert your artwork from a jpeg (or whatever it is- maybe a bmp) to a TIFF using this free program:

Just open the artwork, choose File|Save As and click the plus symbol next to "Select File Type" and choose TIFF. It might ask you to export it- go ahead and click export and OK and you'll have it saved as a .TIFF. It's a super-easy program and FREE!

Keep blogging- you're very funny and your boys are beautiful! Take care!

Stacy said...

Tru and Teague were fluent in gibberish for awhile, too...Eric liked to tease that they were speaking Chinese so I got a smile out of your post. :)