Sunday, March 1, 2009

*cough cough cough*

The sounds that has been filling my ears since Thursday night. Brody is on week number two of a respiratory infection and it has progressed to croup and Baylor has it too. We spent a lot of yesterday in the steamy bathroom and then ran outside (the kids thought this was fun) in the cold air. Luckily I have the steroids and albuterol from the last go around and it is working....a little. Baylor sounds like a barking seal and Brody slightly resembles a barking dog and it's keeping both of the up at night (along with the mama) Lonnie got home late last night after a successful conference track meet and we got to catch the Cornell men win the conference tournament in basketball for the first time ever! Thanks to my wonderful mom who stayed with the boys. It was a great game...Lonnie only yelled at the refs 4 times.

Since we had two sickos at home, I got to steal away for some time alone grocery shopping. Taking my time and coupons (saving $8.67) and deciding that coupons are not for me....I think it's because I have ADD...huh? What? No really. I get sidetracked and then forget things. More power to the ladies who are stellar coupon and deal finders, I have a lot to learn from you! My goal this trip was to buy more fiber and more protein without the fat. Unfortunately it's more expensive to eat healthy, but I tried my hardest. My favorite find is Kashi Go Lean high fiber and high protein cereal (I'm eating some right now with soy milk) it's delish. I just went running and did a medicine ball workout, so the protein will help with my muscles (or lack thereof) repair. Since all three boys were home alone this morning I have a HUGE tornado of a mess to clean up. Fun times.

Thanks again for all of your website suggestions and meals, I'm really looking forward to trying them out!


Kim said...
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Kim said...

I'm totally with you on the coupons. I very rarely find that they're cheaper than the store brand anyway. Do you cook much with dried beans? They've been a big help to our budget...doesn't get much cheaper and they're packed with fiber and protein.

Janice said...

Ahhh as for the coupons, it is more of a savings if you find a good deal and STOCK UP, that way you will never have to pay full price when you run out. For example. Walgreens currently has a coupon for puffs for .99, you can combine that with a manufactureer coupon if there is one available and get it real cheap. Stock up on it, you can easily get 3 boxes for the price of one, and we use alot of kleenex. I'll send you some sites, that have been very helpful, but my sister has been priceless!

Crazy Mom said...

I can't talk about fiber. I have more than enough in my diet--just take yours or you will be waving to the butt camera too....has "Super Couponing" come to Iowa yet? It's like, all the rage in the burbs out here. There's actually some classes and things you could take to learn how to do it.