Friday, March 20, 2009

Count your blessings,watch your step.

As I sit here, listening to the now official sounds of spring....birdies chirping, cars zooming by, kids playing and the announcer on the Temple v. Arizona State game (I love March Madness!) I can't believe that warmer barefoot-short-wearing-sun-basking-pool-jumping-weather is almost here. We've started to come out of our winter hibernation and judging by the pale glow emanating from my's about time. I don't even think fake tanner can help these bad boys, but sunglasses might help with the glare. The backyard is once again spotted with random toys, rakes, shovels and bikes and I've already gotten the, "please have the boys put their outside toys away at night so we don't look red-neck" talk.
I am also thankful for melatonin and the effect that fresh air and sun has on my boys. This weeks nap times have been like a mini vacation for me. Baylor has actually slept most days and for a very long time! I have gotten some time to do productive things like laundry, cleaning, artwork, abs and spring sorting along with very unproductive things like blogging, updating my facebook status and making a gigantic chocolate sheet cake (which my the way, is amazing) I have so many blessings to be thankful for! A few noteworthy ones are;
1. the date with my husband tomorrow, three months is too long!
2. My TWO children. Two is great, three might be nice, but we are thankful and content with our two right now. Being surrounded by families that make the Brady bunch look small (and do an amazing job parenting!) we have to remember what is good for some, might not be good for others...and baby making is not a competition.
3. The recent sales of two windows, two paintings and a commissioned art project coming up, God is good.
4. My friends. I have some sweet friends. Friends who call to check up, bring me cake, watch my children, fix my porch door, teach me new things, make music with me, watch my dogs, bring me chocolate, make me laugh, keep me accountable, keep me in check, think I'm cool (I think) and pray for me. I have a hard time keeping and maintaining friendships, but God has blessed me with some amazing people in my life. I must not be that big of a dork!
I need to watch my steps, remember who is in control of this crazy life I lead and always remember to count my blessings daily!
On a funnier note....if you haven't checked out the video of this little monkey trying to get his own cup of water, you should. (It's on the previous post) Here is the freeze frame shot of Brody man IN the sink. Of course...ran to get the camera first while he sat in the sink. Repeat after me: I am an excellent mother.
Muh ha ha ha ha ha. I feel like this sometimes.....a lot of the time actually. Usually before I get my morning cups of coffee.


Jill Kapfer said...

I agree with number 2. Sometimes I do feel like it's a competition, which is silly, I know.

the Broffitts said...

Is that the little monster that used to scare Brody?