Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get down with the funk

This is one of my favorite shots of the boys. Although Lonnie has his eyes partially closed (he is a self admitted bad photo taker) they still look cute. I can't wait for bleach blond summer hair and Popsicle weather to return. Yes, I feed my kids Popsicles...they're doing fine...well, except for that third ear growing out of the back of Baylor's head.

So I have been feeling a little guilty with my behavior towards everyone lately and mostly towards the man of the house. You know...the one pictured above....the one who snores like a freight train....the one I love. I blame 35% on the days of rain and gloom, 13% on situational circumstances, 5% on the fact I still feel crappy and the rest (I'm not sure, I was never good at math) solely on my selfishness.....maybe it should be more like %100 on my selfishness. I have been in a funk. Although this funk is not one sided. It does my friends, take two to tango...I have been doing most of the dancing. If things are to change, I am going to be the one who breaks this funky cycle. It has been far too long since Lonnie and I have been alone on a date. I'm thinking since December...sad, I know. We are so busy and the few days we had planned something, someone was ill or something came up. Yes, I know you're thinking we need to make time....but it's harder than it sounds. I know when I married a coach that his schedule of being gone every weekend and then some would be rough, but it doesn't make it any easier. When you throw children into that mix, it gets even more difficult. It is however, much easier to handle now that the boys are a little older and we can go places (limited to what Brody can and can't destroy) to pass the time. This is also another reason for the funk. So hopefully admitting that I have been in a little funk will help, that and a lot of prayer. We have a lot of unknowns in our life and it's driving me (miss I need to know and schedule everything) a little bonkers. You think God is trying to teach me something?

We did get out this morning to a friend's house with two boys the same ages as ours. It was great and both boys had a blast. They did boy things like rough house, fight, play, run, jump, put weird things in their mouth, scratch and grunt. Baylor even put his newly learned punch (thanks to me, I told him he hit like a girl and showed him the proper way to throw a punch...not sure that was such a great idea) to good use on Caleb's face. I ain't raising no sissy boy, if he's going to punch, it's going to be good....don't worry, he got disciplined. It also made me realize that my boys did the same strange and annoying things that hers did (and secretly made me feel so much better!) and were just as picky eaters. It was also good to 1. get out of the house 2. talk adult to another mom who is going through the same struggles and joys that I am. We need more boy play dates.


Andrea G. said...

Thanks for being real! I hear you on the boy stuff and the joy of watching other boys! We don't have any boys even close to David in age around us regularly and I often wonder some days how wild he is or how boy he is :) I also agree how hard the date thing is and how much we already ask our family to watch kids when we need it for other things too!

Crazy Mom said...

I am glad you clarified the whole adding thing because I was starting to get cross eyed trying to figure it out. I hate math.

Trust me when I say BOYS ARE EASY! This girl thing with holding grudges (yah, I know she's only 2) and screaming when we don't get our own way is driving me bonkers.

Thank goodness she likes to play He-man and redeem herself!