Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let the sun shine in

I would post a photo of my I wouldn't want to scare you. That's right, I wore sandals...woooooo hooo. I also ran 2.1 miles (with intermittent coughing spells) OUTSIDE. So I will post a photo of the painting I finished this weekend. I call it, "hair guitar." The reason being that I used a crappy brush and after I was finished, I found a few stray hairs in the the name stuck. I really like it, minus the hair.
It was beautiful today and it will be even more beautiful tomorrow. We took the boys to the park and it was so nice to have Baylor run and play and have Brody try to fling himself off of the playground equipment....just kidding. Not about the flinging though, my money is on ER trip within the next few months of warm weather. We had a blast and both boys thoroughly enjoyed having their daddy home. So did I! We're trying trying trying to throw a date together this weekend. I am using using the temporary insanity plea and I think it's working. We have a gift card to Chili's that is calling our name. Mmmmmmm chili's.

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