Thursday, March 19, 2009

Llama llama hair cut drama

One of my favorite books to read to the boys is Llama Llama Mad at Mama , it's perfect for Baylor. He was definitely mad at mama this morning when I informed him of his impending doom....a haircut. Here's the new do. It was severe torture, lots of kicking, screaming, crying and bribery. It took both of us to hold the poor guy down. He's really having some issues with loud noises and is beginning to concern me a little. He wouldn't even walk through the doors at Wal-mart without holding his ears and hiding his head. (it might have been that scary greeter though) He used to be fine with a hair cut, but the noise thing is getting worse. I'm hoping it's just a stage.

Look mom, it's a "hoooooo" (talking about a dove that he thinks is an owl) or he could be asking me to pull his finger. One can never tell with gibberish man.

Yep, he climbed all the way up there all by himself and slid down unassisted. In fact, I was standing by the house...far far far away from him. Growing up so fast!
This is the, "kiss and make up" after both boys were taking out their aggressions on each other this morning in the tub. Geesh, guys....enough already.

What's so funny punk?

My THREE boys. I was trying to calm them down before bed....riiiight. The one in the middle...yea, him...he's really good at working them up when it's time to sleep! By the way, they're screaming at the top of their lungs...thanks dad.

I promise they are related.


Kim said...

Not that we don't deal with the haircut drama too, but we found that our old clippers were getting louder and louder as they shook themselves apart. When we finally replaced them our drama king calmed down a bit (although we still bribe too).

Dawn said...

we go through some drama too, which is perhaps why the boys have long hair now most of the time?