Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lonnie's Law

Lonnie's Law: If one (being husband) is absent from the family for more than a day, then one or more children will fall ill from;

a) mystery fever
b) massive amounts of snot emanating from every facial crevice
c) coughing/wheezing/barking
d) projectile vomit or poo
e)all of the above.

This will in due time lead to sanity loss from the caretaker (aka the mother dearest) and cause one of the following events to occur.

1. Random trips to the Dollar General with no agenda, but to get out of the house
2. Hardee's drive through (gross, I know...but it's DRIVE THROUGH!)
3. The inhalation of ungodly amounts of chocolate, ice cream or both
4. The wearing of scrubby P.J's and stretchy pants...all day long
5. Long hot baths with large glasses of wine (after bedtime of course) and girlie magazines
6. The viewing of many many mindless children's movies containing singing vegetables, ducks with speech impediments and talking trains. Lord help me.

It never fails. Just about the time Lonnie leaves (tomorrow morning for Memphis) one (or both) children get sick. This time we have a combination of a) mystery fever and c) coughing/wheezing/barking with both kiddos. I should face the facts. It has been about two weeks of healthy kids and so now it's time for Lonnie's Law to take effect. Tonight I will head to the store to stock up on Children's Tylenol, 7up and honey. Yes, honey. I just read an article how a spoonful of honey (if they are over 1) before bed is more effective than cough syrup. So honey it is.

I've gotten used to the travel, but it doesn't make it any easier. Hopefully this is just a fluke fever and will subside soon. I can't complain too much, both kids are napping right now and I have been able to get a few things done. Like this brass band poster for our upcoming concert. What do you think? Too girlie? I'm making another less feminine one. I am diggin the birds though.


Dawn said...

cool poster

honey is good for coughs

Jill Kapfer said...

Hey...I should have warned you. Jonah has the fever, runny nose, nasty cough, ear infection, etc. right now. Our kids are on the same schedule.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear that the kiddos aren't feeling well. One thing to try to assist in curing the cough at nighttime is to rub Vick's vapor rub on the bottom of the kiddo's feet and cover with socks. It's worked for me in the past! Good luck!

Crazy Mom said...

John's gramma swore by drinking honey and vinegar daily. Must've worked, she lived forever.

Crazy Mom said...

What's with you and birds?