Friday, March 27, 2009

Mr. Expressive

So I was thinking today as I had ten minutes to myself (without hearing my name repeated to me over and over and over and over.....and a growth by the name of Brody clinging to my leg) about how much this little guy has grown up. He has turned into quite a nice little guy, very polite, so creative and very inquisitive. He also has a tendency to have hilarious yet dramatic facial expressions ...I have NO idea where he gets this drama from...*ahem*

Like for example...this photo was taken when he was about 14 months old. Huh? What? You lookin at me? I said......YOU LOOKIN AT ME?

and here with the Donald Trump comb over (thanks to daddyeo)

Nothing says I love you like a sword in your eyeball. Lets hope he can continue this level of focus in med school....

Whoa. Down Tiger. Unfortunately this exact face and roar that accompanies has reared it's ugly public...mostly in check out lines......sorry Wal-mart lady. He only bites when provoked by little brother.

You know that cheesy smile that all moms get when they ask nicely for their offspring to simply, "say cheese!" I get a big ole face full of cheese. Sporting the crazy "mu-hawk" least it's better than this. I gave this look to Lonnie the other day when he asked me how my day went....but that was after a few glasses of wine.

There's that dang monster face again. You know Baylor, your face just might stay that way.

But don't let the monster fool you, he can be sweet too. This is a little to Children of the Corn for me....

...for like two seconds....this is my favorite...I-want-to-poke-your-eye-balls-out-with-this-abnormally-long-wooden-stick-I-have look. Use the force Luke, use the force.
I also gave this look to Lonnie when he asked me how much I weighed. Just kidding, he knows better than that.

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