Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nekkid boy strikes again

Everyone needs a little nudy time once in a while, but for Baylor it is becoming more of a habit. The past few nights when I go in to check on him, there is a pile of P.J's and a pull-up on the floor next to the bed. He is asleep....and completely naked. I then have to wake him up and put another pull-up and his P.J's back on. Maybe it's a man thing? It's getting old though. Keep those clothes on boy!

P.S in the time it took me to post this....Baylor walked downstairs from his nap...and SURPISE! He was naked. Seriously? I asked him, "Baylor, why are you naked?" and he replied, "well, because I wanted to be." Fair enough. I have a feeling this might be a rough summer trying to keep clothes on this kid!!

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Janice said...

We have been starting to experience boy nekkidness here too. Found Elliott minus a diaper frequently lately. And on top of the table, and with the plunger (eww) and with a broom. All in a 20 min time span