Saturday, March 7, 2009

New York Super Fudge Chunk

Maybe it was a bad idea to see if there were any sales on ice cream at the local grocery store. Unfortunately for my thighs, I came home with two pints of Ben and Jerry's. I was sharing them though, does that count? Believe me, when I can breathe again...I'll be hitting the road to run.

So my wonderful friend Berkley came to visit me this weekend and take care of me while Lonnie was gone. We played outside in the glorious sunshine and blew bubbles (Brody had never seen them before, hilarious!) tried to avoid dog poo and climbed up on the swing set. I watched mostly, trying not to cough my other lung up. Then we went on a trip to McDonald's for Happy Meals (this is a HUGE deal for Baylor) since we don't eat out very often, the kids think Happy Meals are like manna from heaven. I beg to differ, but I do like the fries. We then rented two movies and got Ben and Jerry's. It was great. I was doped up with a cocktail of drugs and got a good night sleep and actually feel somewhat human today. I must be getting older because this cold seriously knocked me on my hiney for a week.

So Chloe (one of our beloved beagles) has been very ill lately. She was put on antibiotics a few weeks ago for what we thought was a respiratory infection. It turned out to me something much more serious and almost deadly if we hadn't caught it in time. She had Pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus. Both of our dogs are not spayed because we couldn't afford it and we think they are healthier with their lady dog parts. It's a bacterial infection in the uterus that causes it to expand and retain fluid and then rupture causing death. They did an emergency spay and the vet said that if we would have waited any longer it would have ruptured and she would have died. Oh, it was so awful dropping her off. I balled all the way home, not knowing if I would see her again. If you have pets, you understand that they become part of your family. As annoying as she can sometimes be, she is our first dog and we love her. We used some of the money the federal government decided to give us back to pay for the surgery. I believe it was money well spent. She's doing better, still very sore and not eating very well, but hopefully on the road to recovery.

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