Saturday, March 14, 2009

Speak softly and carry two large sticks

One can only imagine the outcome of this marvelous photo....'s about time Baylor got knocked in the head instead of being the one doing all of the knocking. Oh how I love our fenced in back yard and I can't wait until we can run bare foot through the grass...dodging doggie bombs.
So we went swimming this morning at the North Liberty Rec Center, where they charged an ungodly amount of money to swim. We had fun, but will not be returning anytime soon. Thank goodness for free beaches. Baylor was a little timid at first but ended up learning how to kick his legs with his arms straight and dunking his head. I don't think I'm going to have to worry about him jumping into the deep end this summer.
Drink up little man, drink up. We're refining the art of using a big boy cup....he does well until after he's done he clearly thinks the rest of the water needs to end up on the ground.
Enjoying a breakfast of pancakes and eggs this morning for breakfast at the grandparents house. I thought since Lonnie was gone, it would be fun to sleep over at their house. Boy was I wrong. Baylor did great. Brody was up every two hours freaking out because he wasn't in his own bed, or room. I tried to sleep with him and he just got mad and started flailing, which made me want to flail him. It was a rough night. Five cups of Joe later, I'm still dragging.
I can see the difference in the pixels in some of the close up shots, although I am a tad disappointed with the grainy texture when I zoom. I'll live..
I call this one, "Ear." Original, huh?

So sorry, I couldn't resist. I've got to stop with the nekkid photos soon, but this was too cute. Baylor used to be freaked out by showers, but he was sooooo proud of using the one at the pool. I thought he'd still be taking baths in high school, but looks like we've made a breakthrough.

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