Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday snapshots

Here is what we did today (fever free!!!)

1. Made funny faces in Grandma's sliding glass door....

Rawr. Let me out.

Yikes. Get this kid some cake.

2. Morning paint session

3. We made cake (actually I made cake and Baylor is patiently waiting to dig in)

4. Brody helped clean up

5. Played superhero with gel masks.
Fevers are gone (Praise the Lord!) but barking coughs remain. It has been a rough few days and very rough nights. If anyone knows a cough remedy for little kiddos let me know! I tried honey already, they wouldn't eat it (weird, I know) Humidifier is going, vapo rub on their tootsies, steam shower before bed.....still coughing! Grrrrrr.

1 comment:

Crazy Mom said...

Cough remedies, eh? Try bourbon. Maybe vodka. Maybe a shot of whiskey.....(You get my theme...)