Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tag, you're it

Truthful Tuesday.
Five truths about you.

1. I ate...excuse me, inhaled four mini Kit-Kat bars in the car yesterday and tried to hide the evidence by shoving the wrappers into an empty water bottle. Unfortunately the watter bottle is clear. duh.

2. I am the worlds worst grocery shopper. I panic. My mind goes blank. (This happens every day too) Just ask my husband.

3. I clean my floors the old fashioned way...on my hands and knees. Good thing I have a small house.

4. I love to fish. No, really. I've fished ever since I was a little kid with my dad and can't wait to teach Baylor how. My first fish was a 10lb catfish and I caught it on a snoopy pole...which broke in half.

5. I'm really enjoying just having two kids right now.

Now, you're supposed to "tag" someone else so they can copy and paste to their blog. So I choose.......anyone who has a little free time....which I don't, but this is waaay more fun.


1 comment:

Crazy Mom said...

As my half Polish grandfather would point out...a fishing 'pole' is a Polish guy fishing. People USE fishing RODS.

And for the record, my husband thinks he's destined to be the next Babe Winkelman. I smell a competition (read: not MOMpetition) a brewin'...in addition to your poor taste in MLB teams...