Friday, March 27, 2009

We be coughin'

Sounds like the name of a nice Jamaican party song....but unfortunately it's the new title of my latest soundtrack to life. Other tracks include Cough till you puke, snot factory and you give me fever. Last night was interesting with two coughing feverish little men on each side of me in bed. Baylor insisted on being naked (I think he was hot from his fever) and poor Brody just couldn't stop coughing. Needless to say, they went down for their naps at noon. I just wish I could make them feel better! I would take a nap too except for I overcompensated for loss of sleep with half a pot of coffee. Why is this room spinning?

I do have to tell you how amazing my friends are though. One brought a, "mystery fever and cough" care package to me with chocolate and goodies and the other is bringing me Subway for dinner tonight. I've had calls and messages checking to see if I'm alive and offers to go to the store for me. I am a lucky girl. Maybe my husband should be gone and kids sick more often....wait, ummm no. I do appreciate their generosity though! I hope I wasn't whining too badly! I do hope I can return the favor for them when the are struck with strange illnesses. I did manage to make a miracle trip to Dollar General to get new pillows (after sleeping on one very flat pillow last night, I thought it was time for some new poof) and instructed the boys to look chipper, not cough and no wiping snot on sleeves. We lasted about five seconds without a cough and then the flood gates were open. At least we got out of the house.
I've also had to hide the snot filled Kleenexes from the dogs. You see my dogs have this strange fascination with bodily fluids, especially snot. It's like they are snot seeking missiles aimed to seek and destroy. If I put them in the garbage, they'll dig them out and tear them into little shreds. Strange dogs. I accidentally put a few booger cloths in the garbage and ran upstairs only to return to a snow like blizzard of snot rags covering the carpet. Mmmmmm mucous. Just thought you could use a little mental picture for your Friday afternoon.

So it's Friday...really? It's Friday? Holy Cow. Where has the time gone. Here are some flashback Friday photos.
Here is Brody's birth announcement. He was a little dude and slightly monkey looking. He still is a little dude and looks more like a chubby chipmunk than a monkey. We love him all the same.
And this spaghetti covered crazy man is Baylor at around 15 months. I found another cd with a bunch of photos on it (yippee) so it's like Christmas all over again.
Here's to hoping for sleep, less fever and no more coughs tonight!

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