Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Apple Bandit and the Blustery Day

I snapped this photo of our neighbor's garbage cans strewn about their yards because I found it mildly amusing this morning. They look like poor fallen solders. I supposed I could go out there and put them back....but taking a photo and then giggling is much more entertaining.

Oh yes, and this. This....pile of chewed apples. Give you one good guess as to who is the bandit who stole the apple (actually it was more like, "Baylor don't give Brody that apple...you know what happens." then, "Mom, I gave Brody my apple!" Great. Now visualize many many more piles of apple chunks laying all over my freshly vacuumed floor.

Muah-ha-ha-ha (insert evil laugh here)
Look, here is the guilty party now. I don't care how good apples are for you.....right now Brody is banned. The funny thing is, he won't eat an apple if you cut if up and peel it for him. He insists on stealing, chewing and spitting his apples. How do you like them apples?

One of their favorite hiding places....on top of the washing machine during spin cycle...strange children.
Dental Drama: Visit Numero Dos.
More like dental trauma. So today was day two of my adventure of fixing all my fillings and breaking the bank in the process. I had one filled and the other fixed this morning bright and early. Dr. Tom (not really sure what his last name, but Tom will suffice) was my dentist and when he went to inject the Novocaine into my lower jaw he traveled through my jaw muscles and hit a joint. I have never been in so much pain from an injection.....ever. My whole body tensed up and I had tears running down my face.
"Oh, looks like we hit something....think happy thoughts..."
I'll show you a happy thought....and it involves a choke hold on your neck. Just kidding, I'm not really a violent person...unless someone is poking me in the jaw with a very long sharp needle. So they resorted to the, "strong" stuff which then in turn made me numb until....just about twenty minutes ago. (The strong stuff makes me shake like a leaf too....sweet!) I tried eating but kept gnawing on my tongue and figured I should wait until I could taste. Hey, great diet idea!!! I'd make millions injecting peoples mouths with numbing stuff so they couldn't eat or taste or talk. This could possibly solve a lot of communication problems too.....I'm a genius. So it all turned out okay. I got some more fillings (gasped at the grand total) lost a few pounds and will be repeat next Tuesday for round three. I'm hoping my art sales rev up soon so I can pay my dental bills. Off to make more art.....if you haven't visited the website lately here it is:


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