Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday party table dancer

Who knew the stress of buying a birthday present for a four year old was so stressful! After standing in the toy section at Target staring blankly at toys and deciding between Star Wars vs. Ninja Turtles, we have come to realize what present buying dummies we are. What do you get a kid who has every toy imaginable? Baylor got invited to his first official bring a gift birthday party! It was at Cornell and they ran around the gym and played games in the wrestling room, ate pizza and cake and ice cream. What more could a boy want in a morning? Baylor had a blast. We also realized how much of a non structured loner he is. As we watched him with the other kids, he quickly distanced himself and played in his own little world. Pre school should be interesting. At least he kept his clothes on!

The other child has taken up the art of table dancing. He also decided that peanut butter is great for the complexion (not so good for the clothes!)

Supposed to get a winter April. I'm not happy about that. I am happy that we get to watch Mason tonight so his parents can enjoy some time alone. We're going to teach him how to defend himself :)

P.S check out my art blog, I just added some new artwork!

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