Saturday, April 25, 2009

Concert tonight!

Here it is! The new cd from the Eastern Iowa Brass Band!
Featuring the cornet section and yours truly. I wear my nerd badge with pride today.
We have our spring concert tonight (7:30 in the Mount Vernon Middle School auditorium) I have two tickets up for grabs if anyone wants to go! Just let me know (call, email, comment, smoke signals) It will be a stellar concert and I think all you locals should get your hineys out there on this rainy day and listen to some amazing brass. Seriously, it's not as dorky as you think. I dare you to to listen and not enjoy it.

I am running on empty....or three hours of sleep. I think my kids know when I need sleep the most and then revolt. They were both up from around midnight to three in the morning. We don't have central air and it was about 90 degrees upstairs, they were totally overstimulated and exhausted from yesterday so I'm blaming that. That...and their uncanny ability to steal my beauty sleep and Lord knows I need it. Tonight will be another late night and I have a new sitter so we'll see how things go. I pray for peaceful sleep without any crying tonight! I don't want to get, "the call" at the concert. Poor Lonnie got into Sioux City at 3 am last night so we are both in the same boat. I told him to spend the night and sleep in tomorrow because I'd rather have him drive awake and safe then get home grumpy and tired.

I did however manage to steal two hours to myself this morning and use a massage coupon that I'd been holding on to for dear life. Shannon and Alivia watched the boys (thank you thank you !) while I drove to Iowa City (very very slowly I might add..keeping my eyes peeled for mister state patrol) I enjoyed an hour long massage and could barely pull myself off the table when she said it was over. I wanted to give her a big hug, but I refrained. It was amazing. I really really really needed it.

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Cute Brass Band Kid.