Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Photos

Baylor riding Elvis the crazy mini pony.

He was thrilled to say the least.

Brody got his chance to play cowboy too.

Yea, got me some eggs.

The Easter express.
The kids hunted for eggs in the front horse pasture. I was assured that there hadn't been any horses in there for a while so they wouldn't, "accidentally" find a brown Easter egg.

The egg hunters in action.

My cousin's little girl Tilden and Brody.

Tractor driving.
Thumbs up dude.
My uncle Loren and Lonnie pushing the kids outside after lunch. Baylor quickly snatched up the pink swing..hmmmmm

It looks like Baylor is about to fly out of the swing, but never fear...he's locked in!

NOOOOOOOO!!!! MIIIIIIINNNNEEEE! (we see this look often)

Ooohhhh, eggs and really bad chocolate.

Hmmmmm, who is that hiding in the background in orange plaid pajama pants?

1 comment:

Jordan and Malcolm Granado said...

Baylor looks so much like your dad, tell him (your dad, and Baylor if you want) hi for me.