Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The need for speed

Otherwise known as not paying attention to your speedometer when driving at night and catching up to an unmarked state patrol. Yea, that's right. I have a little bit of a speed problem.

It was about that time.....the time that my husband saw coming a mile away. Time for Keri to get a speeding ticket. Oh, and did I get a speeding ticket. I deserved every penny of the $76.40 speeding ticket. Mister state patrol was nice enough to mark down my 72 in a 55 to 65 in a 55 so it wasn't a moving violation. Boy was I moving....and apparently NOT paying attention. Lonnie laughed and evil laugh, paused and then said, "you're totally paying for this."
My evening did not get any better, as always the case with me for some reason. Brody wakes up screaming at 2 am, wakes Baylor up and then I have two screaming children. I let them cry, thinking they'd work it out....ummm, no. I go into the room to check on Brody (me thinks he has an ear infection!) and Baylor freaks out and wants me to sleep with him. I put both of them back in bed, kiss them and walk out to excruciating wails. Ten minutes later Baylor comes out (which wake Brody back up and he begins to cry...again) asking for me to sing him Amazing Grace. I love the song, but NOT AT THREE IN THE MORNING!!! Ten more minutes later he comes out asking for water and I am armed with the spanking spoon and give out major threats (Brody is still wailing) One hour later, Brody still crying and Baylor is finally sleeping again. I cave in out of exhaustion and grab Brody, throw him in our bed and lay there wide awake until 4:30. Needless to say, I am exhausted but for some odd reason I usually get more work done (must be from those five cups of coffee) I cleaned the shed, yard and tilled the garden all this morning.

I am hoping for a better afternoon!! It has started off well with both boys sleeping....finally!!

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