Monday, April 27, 2009


It's what all the cool kids are doing.  

Okay, it's what I really need in my swimming suit top.  

Sad, I know.  At least my husband still loves me.  So I went on the annual dreaded swimming suit shopping trip this weekend and managed to drag my mom along.  We had fun being obnoxious in the fitting rooms trying on suits and snorting because we were laughing so hard at some of these contraptions.  Some had so too many straps,  others had large metal medallions in weird places and others were meant for 12 year old girls.  I did however, get strange looks from people passing by who would caught a glimpse of me feeling up the manikins. Hey, I had to get a good feel of the boobie area to make sure there was adequate padding! I need all the help I can get. Who knew it could be so stinkin hard?  First, I wanted to be modest but still cute and functioning (as in it has to stay on while I chase Brody around the pool) I finally settled on a Nike tankini.  It fits well and isn't too granny.  I am set for the pool.....or kiddie pool....or garden hose!  Speaking of are my two mud dwellers in their favorite spot in the back yard. 
The mud.  Digging for worms. 
And this is what happens when you itch your face with mud on your hands.  Try not to look so excited Baylor.  

We pull out my trumpet while I practice my cornet and Baylor loves to, "play along" (if you can call it that)  He actually does make a pretty good sound and we'll work on technique later :) 

I have high hopes for his trumpet playing skills!

Lonnie and I have a date tonight.  It was last minute but since he's going to be gone again all weekend, we figured this was the last time for a while!  So excited!! 

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Andrea G. said...

Yeah for date night!

I LOVE the pictures with the trumpets!

No picture with the new suit?