Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pee in the shoe and other musings

Thoughts for today. Too much to do, too much on my mind.

1. On Sunday, Baylor deemed it necessary to relieve himself in my running shoe. He hid behind the chair and then came back with a huge grin on his face. I picked up my shoe only to find about an inch of urine dripping out of it. Try to discipline when you can't stop laughing....

2. While riding in the car today, I watched this teenage girl text message while driving. She rarely looked up. It infuriated me. The safety of my family is at the hands of a teenage idiot. So if you text, don't do it while driving.....or you deserve a big spanking or a non life threatening collision to get your act together! U R AN IDIOT.

3. My husband took the morning off and we took the kids to the germapalooza aka the indoor play area at the mall. My kids were awesome. I couldn't be prouder of their behavior....Lonnie behaved pretty nicely too.

4. I am working on commission artwork for a friend from high school. It should be cool...if I can ever find the time to work on it!

5. I really really really need it to get warmer out. We want to play outside and I want to start my garden planning. A little sun on these pasty legs would be nice too.

6. Our brass band spring subscription concert is coming up on Saturday April 25th at 7:30pm. I think you all (if you're around) should go. It's a great date night and if you think you won't like it, I dare you to try one concert first.

7. Both of my kids slept through the night and didn't get out of bed until seven! This was MUCH needed.


Sheryl Thiele said...

Texting while driving is SUPER dangerous. one of the guys my sister-in-law goes to school with, died because he was texting while driving and it causes so many bad wrecking in Las Vegas alone much less the rest of the country. My 2 cents. DON'T text while driving!!!

Crazy Mom said...

You can thank me for the nightmares about this one later...Love the cd's by the way.