Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Question of the day

Baylor: "Mom, is your poop pink because you're a girl?"

Me: "no, but it smells like roses!"


Janice said...

Is his blue then?

Jill said...

what is it with boys and the poop fascination?! I'll never understand it!

Don't know if we've ever officially met, but I've seen your name around blog and facebook land,(I recently saw some of your crafty pictures because Sharon Lobb liked them!) so I know we have lots of friends in common!

I wanted to invite you to our spring open house event, april 24. Desserts, art, and we're giving away free stuff! More info over on our blog.

if you're interested, please feel free to bring friends. email me at for directions. Have a great night!

Crazy Mom said...

You know, if you eat a cake frosted in either a star wars theme (lots of black and orange frosting) or Superman (lots of blue and red) your poo does become some interesting colors........