Monday, April 20, 2009

The stylist is in

Baylor was clearly concerned that I might cut his ears off, so I resorted to the bribery of a small child with one sugary sucker. His hair is very very fine so when it gets longer it looks fuzzy, that's why I cut it so often. We're (Lonnie and I) are also a fan of clean cut boys. So Brody went first and then after much persuasion, Baylor followed.

This is my favorite photo. (Dear Lord no, make it stop!)

He's asking me if I was finished in this one, but I had just started. I also had to plug his ears for him with one hand and cut with the other.

Smile's not the end of the world, it's just a hair cut.
So we figured out how much we save a year in haircuts. Lonnie and Brody get their hair cut about once a month and Baylor about every month and a half or six weeks. At $25 a pop for Lonnie and $13 for each kid, we figured we are saving a grand total of $573 a year. Really!!! Good thing I have boys! We also figured by not having cable we save around $750 and by having only one car we save another $800. That is a grand total of $2123 a year of savings. See, the little things do add up! Now I'm having fun with this.....okay, so a family of four goes out to eat once a week every month for around $20 each time (that's $80 a month and $960 a year!) Holy cow. I'm totally off subject aren't' I?
Today is rainy, but with rain comes nice green grass and the washing away of all doggie bombs in the back yard. The rest of the week is looking mighty promising with the temperature raising to almost 80 on Friday....I couldn't be happier! I have thrown in the towel with the triathlon training and will have to settle for road races simply because of lack of training tools (like a body of water and a bike) This doesn't mean I'm going to slack off on my training, but I will have to try again with the tri later. Road races aren't that bad and they're fun if they are local. I'm thinking Mt.Vernon's Heritage Day 5k, Solon Beef Days 5k and Lisbon's sauerkraut 5k. I ran yesterday morning before it got cold and plan on going tonight when Lonnie gets home from practice. It's also great motivation for swimming suit season which is fast approaching and I am in dire need of a new suit. I hate swimming suit shopping. Especially when emitting a freakishly white glow from the dressing room......ugh.

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Crazy Mom said...

Think of all the money you're saving...until your kids are in sports! I only allow 1 at a time even and we're still being drained...and then whaddya do? Tell your 6 year old they can't play baseball? How else do they learn sportsmanship not to mention the skills to play MLB? :-)

$300 last week (not counting soccer stuff) got me 1. t-ball for Nate 2. family pool passes and 3. day camp for the boys for a week. Thank goodness for tax returns!